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I know I can do it..
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lol - glad you asked that question! I'm drinking but had a stinking headache for 2 days....and i'm only on day 3!
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Hi the headaches are caused by carb withdrawal and should fade away once you are in ketosis on day 4 (ish) keep drinking the water and take paracetamol if you need to it will pass!! if you don't like water try and add one of the flavourings. I'm doing w8 and couldn't cope without the lemon and blackcurrant flavourings in fizzy water!
Today is day one of my restart but lost 3 and a half stone last year and found it easy peasy am now a w8 consultant and want to get the last pesky stone and a bit off by chrimbo xxxxx good luck!!
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You just always have a glass or bottle near you and keep sipping throughout the day -- don't try and glug it down fast. You will find that it becomes a habit and TBH I have noticed that on the days when I don't have water to hand I am actually thirsty for it. But at first it does take concentrated effort, one glass at a time!

And water doesn't cause the headaches -- it helps prevent them.
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toatally agree with whats been said , it will become a habit and some days its still a struggle but it is worth it.xx


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When I'm at work I have a 2L bottle of water on my desk, which I drink 2 pints of in the morn, then 2 pints of it after lunch, with the little bit thats left over in my last half hour at work.

It does seem like a lot to take in, but when you start it just becomes second nature. Your body gets used to it and then I find that if I don't drink water I feel crappy!


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It just seems like so much water at the minute but im determined

Serena A

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I'm on week 8 and I still find glugging the water the hardest part of the diet, much harder than going without the food. Having said that I find it much easier than before and the trips to the loo are much less frequent if I keep sipping throughout the day rather than a whole pint in 10 minutes. Stick at it, as Icemoose's water thread says think of it not as water but as fat attacking liquid!
at work i have a one litre bottle which i get through twice. i always have a pint or so at brekkie and then none in the evenings so i can sleep! its hard, esp in the cold, but i think it makes a difference to weight loss. the day before weigh in i always drink as much as i can.


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I totally agree, I usually do 4 litres, but i am still v heavy, on the weeks i have been drinking more i lose more weight without doubt..

Sarah x


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how do you drink so much water without being bored or having headaches
trust me, i am bored lol!!!! can't have the flavourings anymore either because they gave me a rash.

increasing your water should reduce headaches as headaches are like brain dehydration.

you'll get used to it hun. 4.5l don't seem so much to me now but at the beginning it was so hard!!! xxx
On days 1 and 2, 4ltr of water seemed almost undoable - on day 6 today, and I've had almost 4 already.

I keep a 1.5 litre bottle (one of my old Oasis ones :p ) with me all the time, and aim to drink 3 of them in a day = 4.5ltr.
I keep a full bottle next to my bed as well, and make sure that I havea good gulp before I go to bed (I havent woken up needing to use the loo during the night so far) and try and drink about 1/2ltr before I get out of bed and dressed in the morning.

It really does just become second nature - every 5 mins, just take a swig :)

PS Yes, headaches are 1 symptom of Carb withdrawl - the more carbs you had in the few days before you began your VLCD, the harder the first few days will be.

PPS a headache is commonly caused by dehydration, but the actual brain itself cannot feel pain - it has no nerve receptors. A headache is actually caused by the aching muslces around your head and neck - it just feels like its your brain due to their placement.

^useless info gained from watching too much QI :p

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