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Weak moments do pass! Yey!


Is determined!
I'm on my 5th day today, and have to say last night and this morning i was feeling pretty low, and really just wanted to turn to comfort eating...but i stayed with it and now i feel absolutely fine!
My willpower held out (which might have something to do with going to bed at 8pm to sleep through my weak moment!)
So now i must remember next time if i feel like that..it will pass! :D

My next challenge is tonight a night out on the town....drinking water lol
I've got to make nibbly type things as everyones meeting here for drinks first.
I'm going to have my shake before everyone arrives to take away the temptation of picking!
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Thats good to know weak moments do pass. Good idea to have an early night if you do have a blip! - Then it means, more sleep and a fresh start the next day!

Your being brave having to have people over for food, Im sure you'll be fine. You seem possitive!

Sarah x


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Well done, Jess!
I had my weakest moment last night too- I get migraines now and again, and though I've felt tops all week, one really set in last night, and is only just lifting now. It wasn't so much that I wanted to eat and more that I started to feel a bit down and worried that this wasn't good for me.
BUT! Now it's lifting, I have noticed that I haven't felt any hunger at all since yesterday evening, and almost forgot to make my shake!
So the moral of the story is, that if you can get through one wobble, you can get through them all!


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My CDC told me to make straight for the water when hunger strikes. So I do, and I've found that if I drink it hot (with a splash of lemon juice - allowed by the CDC!), it feels like a proper drink and seems to fill me up more than cold. I have all my CD food hot for the same reason.

I also have to shop and cook for hubby, but I have a magic solution - I just look down at my fat tummy! That normally works. :D


Is determined!
Thanks everyone! This forum is an absolute lifesaver! Things would be a lot harder without it!

Letty i havent felt hungry today, only just had my lunch shake and usually have it at 12:30! Hopefully day 4 was my 'bad day' and it'll get better from here!
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Well done.

I am on day 5 too and still get hunger but head straight for the water.


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S: 14st1lb C: 10st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 3st6lb(24.37%)
Yep, Jess, I think you're right- we're through the worst!
Roll on Monday! Oooo...idea...will post now in new thread

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