Wedding Battle

Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by contingencyplan, 6 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Hi guys!

    I last did Exante a year ago and I'm the same weight as when I quit. I'm back! :) Since then I have taken up the Insanity workout and I love it, but drastic wedding related stuff means I have to GET ON IT.

    As of tomorrow I have 106 days until my wedding and 56 days until my first dress fitting. :eek: I need to loose about 5 inches from my waist for it not to cost me a lot of money!

    I'm hoping to have 2 stone off by the first fit!

    I'm going to weigh in daily again. It's good to be back!

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  3. twinkle82

    twinkle82 Silver Member

    Well done on maintaining your weight. That's quite an achievement! Another wedding in the forum :) looking forward to seeing your losses hun x

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  4. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Welcome back & Well done on maintaining your weight loss.

    OMG that insanity workout looks tough!!

    Hope you have a good week,
  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Welcome back :)
  6. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Thanks all. My packs are coming today. Ordered at 1955 last night. Amazing...

    Starting 100% tomorrow as I have a meal out tonight :) x
  7. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    56 days until dress fitting, start tomorrow!
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  8. chris8391

    chris8391 Full Member

    Welcome back, well done on the maintain, and good luck on future losses.

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  9. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    So here I am at the start! The numbers are days to go until first fit / wedding... And then weight. I'm a daily weigher :)

    55 /105 : 203.5
  10. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Good luck! :D
  11. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hope your day goes well CP.
  12. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi CP. Welcome back. How's today been?
  13. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    It's been hard, but I have the massive goal of looking nice in wedding photos, it really helps! How was your day? :)
  14. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Mine was fine. I'm back on day 1 having had a week off track. Just looking forward to getting through the first 3 days.
  15. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Daily weigh in:

    55 / 105 : 203.5
    54 / 104 : 202.6 (-0.9)
  16. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Doing good!
  17. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Urrgh tonight is hard. The worst headache I've had for a long time, along with being too hot (?) And sweaty! I prefer the normal too cold side effect! :(
  18. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Maybe an early night is the solution.
  19. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Yes, you might be right on that one. Hopefully I will wake up more positive :) thank you.
  20. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    You are doing great CP I like you don't seem to have the 'cold' effect and must be in ketosis. I hope your headache goes quickly, tomorrow is a brand new day!
  21. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hope you're better in the morning!

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