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week 1, 16llbs gone, heres too week two!!!

HI All

after I cracked on saturday night (fried rice//curry sauce) i have weighed in today with 16llbs off!

Saturday night I could take no more we were having friends round and i was upstairs crying when they were looking and discussing dinner! they didint know about shakes, i said feeling bit poorly!

well they ordered and the smell oh ma lord! I thnk i was gonna kill someone!

came downstairs and I cracked!

i got a plate and heaved stuff on it too feed an army, 4 spoonfulls later I felt stuffed.

usually i would have kept on piling it in tot he verge of feeling utterly sick. so I stopped.

so I reckon it was 1/4 portion of fried rice/curry sauce & onions

Even though i cheated//failed i feel proud of myself I knoew when to stop and I didnt keep going.

I then continued my evening saying no to wine, crisps and dip and had a cup of tea with milk and wait for it..... NO BISCUITS!

unheard off!

sorry for the long post, I think I just want to get my words down and see them in writing to believe it maself!

good luck all this week peeps!

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That is excellent, how did you manage to only faulter once, I am having difficulty, I am hoping the picking at food will stop.
HI Shazza

I have no idea, i kept myself busy

monday to friday is not a problem for me

its the weekends

how are you getting on?
I have the same problem as you, Although this is my second attempt at CD, I lost over 20lbs last time, but managed to put the majority back on.

I feel more motivated this time but am finding it more difficult. want to carry on but it seems a long way to go.

You must be very proud to lose all that weight in the first week, I think i will only lose about half a stone, but it all adds up I know.


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That's brillliant! Very well done!
HI Shazza

It sure does all add up!

i done it last year too for some unknown reason I kept it all off!

unlike me!

i am getting married in 13 weeks, 13 weeks yesterday, eeeek!

have my first dress fitting 31 may!
I am sure if you stay determined you will lose the weight for the wedding. Just remember it is easier for them to take the dress in.

Stay Focused.

I just need something to focus on, I have a holiday booked in Aug, but I have focused on holidays before and never got there.

I now need to focus on:-
Well done that is a fantastic loss :talk017: congratulations!
why dont you maybe buy yourself a new bikini/tankini type of thing and aim to get into it?

i have my dress to fucus on

and my awwwwful bingo wing arms
LOL you obviously haven't seen my stretch marks!!!!!!
strech marks are lines of passion!!!!!!

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