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Week 1 - Back for another go!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Hi everyone,

My name is Abbie, I'm 24 and back on LT for another go as last year when I was on it, I fell pregnant.
Now my son is almost 3 months old and I'm back to lose all the weight I lost last year as I'm back to my starting weight plus 5lbs :( So hoping you'll be part of my weight loss journey, the highs and lows and looking forward to getting to know you all and perhaps seeing some faces I knew from last year.

But yeah, first day isn't too bad. I know what to expect as I've been on the diet before so that's seeing me through, the fact that I've done it once etc.

Just had my first shake, chocolate one. I had a routine last year which helped determine how many shakes I'd had that day. My shake cycle would go, Choc, Strawb, Choc.

Feeling positive but nervous all at the same time. :)
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Here we go again!
Hi and welcome back Abbie. I remember you from last year when I was on LT first time round.

Congratulations on your gorgeous baby boy, bet you are a proud mummy and rightly so!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Hiya Mini!

Yeah I remember you from last year also. Hope you're well. Fantastic progress you've made on your diet. :)
Definitely happy and proud of my little man. Love him to bits. :D
How are you today?


Here we go again!
Fine thanks today Abbie. On lunch at work at the mo. Round 2 for me as well on LT. Lost loads last year, went on holiday, ate whatever I wanted and didn't stop when I returned!! So stupid of me!

Different plan this time, no holiday to aim for and I've only got just over 2 more weeks on this.

Not sure what diet to follow after but definitely going to learn from my past mistakes. Don't want to do this diet ever again!!

How's your first day going? Hope it's OK. You know what to expect and you also know that the time will fly by on this. Good luck!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
First day is going ok, don't think it's quite sunk in yet that this is my life now for the next few months lol. Going to take a couple of days to get used to not going to the cupboard to get a packet of crisps out for myself and the rest.
Just chugging back on the water at the moment. This is the hardest part for me, drinking so much water.
You'll get there hun, and you've done really well to do it twice!! That is something to really be proud of.
Just need to occupy my hands with something now. Agghh! lol.


Silver Member
Welcome back Abbie - wishing you lots of luck :) What a gorgeous little man you have awww xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thank you very much Catt :) Well done on your progress so far xx


Never give up
Oh Abbie your avatar pic is gorgeous! It's making me broody in fact.

I hope the first week isn't too awful, and post as much as you can, it really helped me. When you can drag yourself away from your little angel that is!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey Abbie :)
Good for you for starting again and congrats on your baby boy! :D
Hope second time around goes ok for you - atleast you have the advantage of having done it before and know what to expect xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks Tanya, hope you're well!

The only disadvantage I'd say I have for doing this second time round and knowing what to expect is because I'm back at the beginning with my weight, I've a rough idea of how long it's going to take me to get back to the point where I left off when I first got pregnant. Oh well, I shall persevere and keep with it.
Day 2 and the headaches are horrible and I'm not at that point where I feel OK with the smell of food. In fact, I've been tearful and feeling rather down in the dumps about it. Just keeping on going with the water.
One question, am I allowed paracetamol to help with the headaches or does that interfere with getting into Ketosis?? I have forgotten! :(
Hiya Abbie and welcome back on board.

What a gorgeous babs!!! He's soooooo cute!!!

Best of luck with the diet. Keep in touch and let us know how its going for you.


Never give up
Paracetamol are fine petal. Hope the headaches pass soon, I'm sure you're drinking loads of water but if you're even a little behind with that, that makes the headaches much worse. :cry:


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Day 2 completed! woohoo :D

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