Week 1 badly in need of help!


Hi all,
i cant beleive it im terrible - i do so well at work then i get home and find i want to eat!
Do u guys find it hard when the monthyl painters are in? I just want chocolate and the 172 calorie ones CD give you are horrid! i ate two small mars bars last night i couldnt help it! I found i was still 4ib lighter than my last weigh in though..... Wierd :)

Motivation needed please!!!! I have 2st to lose and i dont think im going to make it! u guys are so good im crap!
no youre not crap! not at all!
Just try and remember why you started this diet. What are your goals and why?
Try and visualise yourself thinner - keep that image with you , see how happy you are? see what you are wearing? that will soon be you - everytime you feel like eating make that colourful happy image of you pop up and convince you to keep going.
also (ive just put this on another thread)
picture a nice plate of your favourite food/what you fancy eating infront of you. doesnt it look good? really try and visualise it.

Now really picture that same plate of food crawling with maggots and other nasties. do you still want to eat?

its a bit harsh but works for me!

Take care xxxx
Hi Sloren

If you've just started you need to allow yourself time to get into Ketosis, which will get rid of your hunger. But everytime you eat something off the diet, you'll take yourself out of ketosis & have to go through the whole process again.

You've still lost weight because your calories are low, even with the mars bars LOL, but obviously that's the not the way to go.

Keep yourself busy & occupied and just think how much more you might have lost if you hadn't had the mars bars - stick to it & you'll have a great loss next week.

It's not easy, but keep drinking your water, you can do it.
Never noticed....

Oh I'm excited - I just had a quick peek in the arcade.... I'd not noticed it before :D :D :D ....
Guess where I'm going later??????????? ;) ;)
I know the feeling oh too well I really struggle in the evenings once my little girl has gone to bed and particularly the nights OH is at work :)

I just try and keep myself busy and keep glugging on my water.

Ohhhhh an arcade didn't know about that!
Just a warning, if you go in the arcade, you never come out!!!!!!!!!

The thing with food is, its always going to be there, and in order to get where we all want to be, we have to walk past it, stick 2 fingers up and say, Im better than that!!!!

A craving is just that, a craving, if you dont have it you will be better off, and the world won't cave in, took me months to realise that!!!!

You can do it, but you have to be strong x