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Week 1 - Bit Confused


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Hi Guys!

Sorry if I sound a bit dim here but I am confused about how much I should be eating this week. Tomorrow will be my 3rd day in RTM (had to start RTM early because of very low blood pressure) so my LLC has really explained anything to me at all, just given me the books.

How much protien should I be eating for my meal on the 3rd day? Is it just one serving? I am confused as there are recipes that contain both tuna and eggs in the recipe book. Also, do I need to be watching how much lettuce and other vegtables I have? I have found that it is a cereal bowl full for a serving and 3 celery sticks, but do I need to stick to just one serving of one or the other?

So sorry it's such a simple questions but I have read the re-read the books and think I might be missing something.

Any advice would be appreciated ever so much!

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Hi Amanda
Another really useful resource is the managment section of the LL website, your LLC should set you up on there also. You can see if she has by trying to register, you just need your membership number form the front of your record book.
It has lots about servings and sizes.

You still only have 1 servings of protein from the week 1 list. One small chicken fillet/salmon fillet, serving size should be around

Lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken (skinless) or oily fish 50-75g (2-3oz) cooked, 100-125g (4-5oz) raw
Cooked white fish/shellfish 150g (6oz)
Eggs (whole) 2
Soya, Quorn, tofu 100g (4oz)
For the salad one cereal bowl of mixed is correct. You have one serving of this per day with your protein. You just stick to one meal per day for now.
I can't find my recipe book to see the one you are talking about, but it is possibly using half a portion of each.

Let me know if that doesn't cover it, I am a bit sleepy but didn't want to leave it til morning.


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Oh Ali! Thank you so much!

It all happened so fast I felt a bit overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to do.

I really really owe you one!

I am sure this questions could also be answered with the book but do you know when we can have sugar free chewing gum?


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I had it from day 1 of RTM, the only reason you can't have it on abstinence is because of the citric acid knocks you out of ketosis.
The only thing is, it can make you feel hungry, so maybe take it easy to start with.
It is actually mentioned in the book, so you could maybe ask your LLC if you want to double check.
I love the trident splash with vanilla.


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Oh yay! When I started the diet my mother (I am American) sent me some of my favorite sugar free gum as she thought I could have it.

I've been dying to have some. I might run home and get a stick!

Thanks again...so so much!


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Hiya I just had a question too so thought would put it on here, I was also wondering about the sugar free gum and am very pleased to hear we can have it again. Are we aloud fruit teas from week 1? Also for when I do week 2 next week, the book says we are aloud yoghurt/ fromage frais that sort of thing, does that include muller light yoghurts or is it just the plain ones? Thanks x


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as far as i know its muller lights and fat free flavoured yogs from week 3. Stick to natural yoghurt and greek total 0% for the first 2 weeks.
You can add sugar free sweetners, vanilla essence, ginger etc to the natural yoghurt to perk it up a little. or mixing in a few raspberrys or blackberrys is lovely with half a teaspoon of sweetner takes the bitter edge off.
Try and stick to aroung 300g a day if u can. you can buy little 150g pots which help to measure it out easier.


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Are we aloud fruit teas from week 1? Also for when I do week 2 next week, the book says we are aloud yoghurt/ fromage frais that sort of thing, does that include muller light yoghurts or is it just the plain ones? Thanks x
Anything with fruit is from week 3.
So plain yoghurt for now.
The onken fat free bio yoghurt is the lowest in fat.
Like Kell said, you can add powder sweetener to it and spices like ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and things like, lemon juice, lime juice and vanilla.
But it is really nice just with sugar free jelly.


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oo bet it would be lovely with a bit of cinnamon in it, and I really can't wait to have sugar free jelly!! It also says next week I can have diet drinks, does that include the sugar free falvoured waters like perfectly clear? Also would it be better to have coke zero than diet coke? With it having no sugar instead of a little bit like I think diet coke has. Thanks for all your help


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diet drinks basically means any of the sugar free still or fizzy drinks, but the likes of diet coke don't count as water intake unlike squash so take it easy on them (I think diet coke seems to have a bad name but I have never drunk it so not totally sure on that, it all seems to have passed me by, LOL).

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