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Week 1 is dragging by...

Hi everyone,​

Just a quick question, did anyone else's week 1 drag by as much as mine? :sigh:​

I started last Friday, and my first weigh in with my LLC is this Thursday evening.​

It just seems to be going very slowly, and with a family member downstairs cooking ham soup it's not getting easier.​

Been to the gym twice this week, and have followed the programme 100% - and feel much better than I did a few weeks ago.​

Hope everyone is doing ok, and with the summer not far around the corner this is a great place to support eachother, and keep this journey on track for all :) x​
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I found it dragged a little at the start because I was so excited and hopping on the scales three times a day :p

Once you settle into a routine of it, it'll go by more quickly.
Hi there,

I found the fist two weeks to drag to be honest, however once you get into the programme it will very much become routine and you wont think anything of it.

I am currently on week 5 and have already lost 24lb's which is nearly two stone! Once the weight starts to come off (believe me it will!) you will be flying :)


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Hi, it went quite fast for me only becuase I had a drop in session 3 days after I started and lost 6lb that sparked the motivation to crack on with it. Once you have your first WI, it gets much easier and you find yourself almost willing the week away until you can get on again. I have also lost 24lb in 5 weeks like KatKinsy and feel great, you will get there soon too x


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Me and you started at the same time..Yes I agree its dragged this week and last night was horrible for me but I got up this morning with a postive attitude and coming on here helps cos were all in it together..Chin up and good luck for tomorrow evening am sure your loss this week will spur you on xxx
Hi, I remember saying the same thing in my first week! The second has gone much quicker, I cant believe I am about to start my 3rd week on LLL! Good luck with your first WI.
Hi, yep wk 1 went slow for me too but I think it was just cos I wanted weigh in day to come fast so that I cud see how much I lost. Try not to worry bout it too much, once ur half way thru wk 2, it gets a whole lot easier. My wk 3 weigh in is tonite so looking forward to seeing how much I've lost this wk

I too started last Friday and I have found the first week really tough on LLT with tomorrow my first WI and meeting since starting. I find inspiration in this forum!! Thanks guys! :)
Hi still in shock from the weigh in I must say.

Got back a few hours ago, my LLC had to check the scales were not broken or there was any problems.

I lost 23lb in my first week, she said she has never seen anything like that before :)

I am so pleased, and this is going to kick start my new life. x


Tough But Sexy X
WTF....sorry, couldnt help myself! Thats amazing, well done you! :)
Wow - that is a result that is worth a slow week. Well done you.

Good luck with your second week!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Wow!! Just had to reply to your fabulous weightloss!!! Here's hoping I do a quarter as well as you did on my first weigh in on Tuesday!!!!! Bet that made up for having a slow week!
OMG that is fantastic..and so much motivation to carry on.x

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