Week 15 and I seem to have stopped...

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  1. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    I'm so down.
    Last week I had my lowest ever loss - just under 3lb. This week, I've lost ZERO. My losses have been really rapid and consistent. I lost exactly 5st in Foundation. With another 3st to go, I'm worried that the rapid loss is now going to level out and become the slowest loss.

    Based on my Foundation loss I was really confident that I could lose my pre management 3st in 8 weeks. I was so excited that I'd finally managed to set some goals and was really looking forward to getting to management by August. Unless something drastic happens this will now not be the case. I really feel devastated.

    I have been really blocked up this week, for the first time since starting (sez if you're reading I am soooo feeling you're pain - quite literally!) Could it be this?

    Some days this week I've found myself nibbling on bars more than usual. I've been travelling loads with work and working funny hours, and I couldn't really say if I've had more than one bar a day, probably one and a bit on average. Could it be this?

    I've recently re-joined the gym and have been doing lots of strength and toning training. But I haven't actually been this week as I've been away so much with work. Could it be this?

    Is it all of this combined? I'm so worried about slowing down. And of course now I just feel overwhelmed with physical hunger...:cry:

    Any advice most expert and all knowing Mini's? Anyone else slowed down?

    Thanks in advance. This is the most down I've felt since I've started. I just feel like the last 2 weeks have been a total waste of time.
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  3. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    when I did LL i found the bars had the opposite effect on me if I had more than the recommended 1 per day, I realise they state 1 per day for a reason, but some days life gets in the way & it isnt always possible to mix drinks etc. I also had some weeks where I lost very little whilst my friend on LL at the same time consistently lost 5 plus every week. Everyone is different & all I can sugggest is to stick with it, keep up the water etc and the results will show. Even though I had some very slow losses some weeks - I still lost 7 1/2 stone in 7 months - so..........eventually it will even out. You have done brilliantly so far - and while I totally understand how this is disheartening after good losses, keep at it as you don't have far to go - the results will return - maybe your body is just rebelling a little - VLCD - lots of work - and excercise............... maybe, if possible, some relaxation is required to re-charge, de stress & calm it all down
    Good Luck
  4. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    HAve a look at my sig! My losses on the scales have been bizarre to say the least. Hand on heart I ca say I havent cheated once but the physical weight loss has been intermittent to say the least! Thankfully Ihave body fat composition tests done very 2 weeks at the gym and this cofirms that I have been retaining water (my cycle had returned to its 3 weeks on 1 off!); I have gained muscle (good because it burns at rest while fat doesent plus it weighs heavier than fat) and have lost fat (13 ibs of it in 2 weeks!). These are all good things & that knowledge has enabled me to just chill (mostly!) about the actual weight! I would strongly suggest that you get one of these done at the gym on a regular basis. At the end of the day for me the weight is literally dropping off so I'm not bothered whether its ibs or fat as long as its going. Suspect if you have started going to the gym you will be experiencing simular! Dont give up! Poor losses (unless you;ve cheated) always have an explanation!
  5. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hello Tiger Girl.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling fed up! I am sure as the others have said, your slow loss is only temporary, and probably due to your body adjusting itself.

    Re the blockages (!) yes, I do believe could be that too. Without being too revolting at this time in the morning,when I have had a couple of slow loss weeks, then managed to use the loo, my (ahem) "deposit" has been enormous (hence a lot of the pain) and then the subsequent loss has been much better.

    I am now using all the suggestions given to alleviate this matter, and am resigned to taking Dulcolax every few days too. I think it was Jane who said to me, that its worth the few months of suffering for an amazing gain healthwise!

    I hope it all sorts itself out for you. Stick with it, as you know your losses will probably average out to the stone a month that LL say. I am on my 16 week now (missed last WI due to hols, so hoping for a biggie on Thur) and I still have loads more to lose, but we WILL do it!!

    luv xxx
  6. Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum One day at a time

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    lighter life
    Tiger Girl I think you answered all your own questions.
    I think that it is a combination of all the things you have said, but as you know it will average out & you will continue to lose the weight.
    Just stick at it because you have come so far & you don't want to give in now after all your hard work.
    I asked my LLC whether the weight loss would slow down as we got closer to goal, she told me not necessarily, you usually continue at the same rate, but bodies are funny things & there is no rhyme or reason as to what your body will do.
    There is a woman in my group who loses less each time she works at the weekend, you can also get stuck at a certain weight, you can lose less if you are stressed.
    Hope you are feeling better today, usually sleep is the best thing, when feeling down.
  7. Johnny

    Johnny Full Member

    Hi Tiger Girl

    First off I just want to say what a fab job you've done so far - you have achieved a great weight loss. I think you have the insight to have answered your own questions.

    Bars are higher in carbs and eating more than one a day may slow things down - I have always lost less each week than the rest of my group so have only had bars when I've been working and stuck to shakes and soups at the weekend.

    I've also suffered the dreaded constipation (you have my sympathy!) and have found that 1 dulcolax just before going to bed does the trick; having said that I wouldn't recommend it if you are on the road the next day as you may need to go more than once.

    With regard to excerise, we all know that muscle weighs more than fat - My LLC has two models, one represents a pound of fat and one a pound of muscle and the difference in size is quite marked. I would ask at the gym if they have a body fat monitor; I have kept an eye on mine and have found that even on weeks that when I haven't lost as many pounds as I would like my body fat % has gone down. The same with measurements; if you are toning then they will change when your weight may not.

    It's so difficult not to use weight as the only marker of success but I have found body fat, meausurements, blood pressure and general energy levels all to be good motivators when the going gets tough. Try not to think of the last two weeks as a waste; treat yourself to something nice for the job you've done so far (and I don't mean a packet of dulcolax!).

    Take care
    Johnny :D
  8. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Hey everyone
    Thanks so much for the wise words, they are much appreciated. :grouphugg:

    I've slept on it and woken up feeling much better. It was crooked thinking gone mad last night, and I did end up having 2 extra packs - but let's face it, I guess it could've been a lot worse on that front! Although I did recognise that the binge behaviour is probably just as bad on packs as it is with real food on the old mental front. Anyway, yesterday is over - the last 2 weeks are over.

    I'm off for some serious retail therapy later, after the gym, and I'm sure that will help!
    I'm also going to keep an eye on the bars, as I've definitely had way more of them than I usually would over the last 2 weeks. Need to work that one out!
    And the sun has come out which can only be a good thing!!

    Thanks everyone for your great supportive and practical posts :D
  9. Uphillstruggle

    Uphillstruggle Full Member

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    Hi TigerGIrl,
    My LL Counsellor told me last week that it shouldn't slow down but should still average one stone per month. She told me to try not to look at the weight loss at this stage week by week, but more in blocks of four weeks. I am trying to get from 10.10 to 9.5 and so far haven't slowed down (losing about 3lbs a week).
    I think all the things you have mentioned probably play a part in the slow loss - especially the gym.

    Keep going - you will get there.
  10. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    Re this suggestion by Johnny.. I picked up a hand held body fat monitor recently in Lloyds Pharmacy, reduced from £20 something, to £4.99. A good buy and a help to keep us focused.

    Glad you are feeling better today. Agood sleep and a new day works wonders for the morale!!
  11. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Re the body fat monitor they say how much fat you have but the one I, and possibly Johnny, meant is a body composition scale (I would imagine v. expensive) works out fat, lean muscle, water, weight etc so gives quite a detailed picture of whats what! I have a body fat scale (Tanita) at home and to be honest its so inconsistent that I would never get one again...one minute I'm 50%, then 46 and it fuctuates wildly on what you've drunk but with no rhyme or reason from what I can see!! Just my humble opinion....
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