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week 15 weigh in and other general ramblings,moans


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not been here a while...been trying to sort head out having had results back and discovering due to problems with hubby we wont be able to have a baby naturally,hit us both hard and him even harder as he hasn't had children.
But anyway...week 15 weigh in was on Saturday and despite falling off wagon for a couple days and rediscovering the joys of vodka and what food tastes like I have managed to still lose some and now i total have lost 3 and a half stone!!!
Its been hard to get back on to it with same conviction as my reasons for doing lipotrim where to do with fertility but am back...have come this far i might as well try and shed one more stone
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Hi Vikh

So sorry for the tough time you have had.
You have done so well losing so much weight so keep going and hopefully things will get better for you
Lots of luck :):)


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Sorry to hear your news. My niece was conceived through IVF as my sil couldn't conceive naturally. It devastated them at the time so thoughts are with you and your other half.

Well done though on your weight loss. It must have been hard to keep focused with all the tests going on.

Wishing you the best of luck.
Hello, sorry to hear about yr news :( I just wanted to wish you all the best with LT and I hope that you get all the support that you need.

You have done soo well so far :)

Regards, Lei


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cheers to all.....not gonna try and put into words how i feel about it all
but anyway....what ever my reasons for starting lipotrim where...am back on here and determined to keep going and missed reading everyones posts.....so many doing so well and this was always a great place for support and kick up arse


Here we go again!
Vikh, sorry the news wasn't what you'd hoped. Thinking of you both.

Well done on the continuing weight loss though, you'll get that last stone off in no time. Keep going!


maintaining since June'09
Sorry about your news **hugs** Well done on your decision to continue and on the great job you've done so far! x

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