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Week 18 Weigh In!!


Here we go again!
Hi all. Well week 18 weigh in today and lost another 4lbs and am very very pleased with it. It takes me to 6st 1lb loss! I can't believe I've lost that much!

Don't get me wrong I wanted to but still cannot believe I have made it!

Felt yesterday that I wouldn't lose anything cos of TOTM and feeling heavy and bloated. So to lose 4lbs I was very pleased.

I upped my water intake to 4.5 - 5ltrs a day this week and I think that might have helped. Sticking to that again this week for sure.

Hope everyone else has had a good weigh in this week and keep going everybody. If I can do this, I can assure everybody, that they can too!! Thanks to all your support up to now, couldn't have done it without you all.
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Here we go again!
Thanks Lyn and I really did mean that if I can do this, anyone can. Just stick to it 100% and drink plenty of water and it really does work. Good luck!


Here we go again!
Thanks Mary and Joy.

I have just under 2 stones to go and it sounds so good to say that! Hoping to be very close to target by the time I go on hols in about 8 weeks.


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You should be more or less there by that time Bev, and dont forget you can still lose on refeed. Well done again.


Here we go again!
Thanks Mary. I'm taking into account refeeding when I calculate how much weight I could lose. To be honest with you, I'd be happy to go the weight I am now cos I'm the smallest I've been in about 9 years. Even at my target I will still be classed as overweight for my height but that doesn't bother me, it's how I feel at that weight that matters.

Thank you for all your advice and help over the weeks, it's people like you on here that really have got me through this. I'll be following your refeeding tips too!


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That is the most important part Bev, is feeling comfortable within yourself. At the end of the day, we diet for ourselves not for others, so for someone to tag you with a bmi and say you are overweight is something that I dont really agree with.

Advice and support on this forum is the best, we all have people who inspire us from the beginning and its great to pass this information and support to the people who are coming behind us.

You will be in the refeed section before you know it.


Getting thinner everyday!
Have posted on Alisons thread as well but wanted also to say on here...

Well done to you Bev. That's brilliant.

It's great to see those who have perservered achieving so much.



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bloody fantastic Bev :) well done you! You are doing amazingly well :D xxxx
Brilliant so good to see someone sticking to it for that length of time as that is my immediate future congrats
Well done Bev,i'm over joyed for you. You have done so blooming well and its unbelievable. You should be so proud of what you have achieved.:clap:

Your target is in sight now and you will be there in no time.
You really have done fantastically well! I hope I can do as well as you have I bet you feel amazing well done!!
Fantastic, you should be really proud of yourself!!


Here we go again!
Thank you all for your posts and support.

I love this diet, never thought I would make it past week 1 let alone 18. Just goes to show though, if you stick to it 100% it does what it promises.

I've also decided to start refeed 6 weeks today. That's an extra 5 days of refeeding before my hols. It seems to close now and I can't wait.

Good luck to everybody and stick with it.


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Oooooh me and you guna start refeed within days of each other :) Ive got 6 weeks 2 days!


Here we go again!
I thought that yesterday too!

I decided an extra 5 days would do me good and I am really excited about it! It's really spurred me on to think I've knocked 5 days off TFR and that refeeding is going to come sooner rather than later. Thought my body would be more used to "normal" food if I had a bit extra on refeed before the hols. We'll have to spur each other on during refeed and check that we're both being good girls!


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For defo bev - for defo!!

I will be checking in on this site once a day whilst on me jolly hols!!! GEEK!!! hahaaaa


Here we go again!
LOL! I'll be having a total break from the site whilst I'm away but will defo check in once I'm back and put up some pics. Hopefully I'll be all tanned and relaxed. Can't wait!!

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