Week 2 Weigh-in


I lost 4lbs!!!! Which makes a total of 13lbs in 2 weeks. Really chuffed to bits. This diet can be really hard sometimes, but it is SO worth it in the end.
I don't think i've ever stuck to a diet 100% before in my life and the support and stories on here are amazing, along with the best CDC in the world, Ailsa......
Can't believe how positive i feel, i'm finally doing it!!!
Thats excellent!! you must be well chuffed, congratulations :D
Excellent. I too felt I would not be able to sick to this diet. I was wrong. Its is worth the money and food sacrifices.

I wish you well for week three.

I am only a couple of days ahead of you, and know how you are feeling right now. Its brilliant to get to end of week 2 and see that massive weight loss. It so great.

I know its spurned me on to week 3.

Again .....well done. Am so pleased for you.

Deb x