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Week 2 weighing!!! not so good


Here we go again!
It could be but there could be other factors too. TOTM for example? Don't let it get you down though, I've had a couple of 2lbs losses over the weeks. Next week will more than likely make up for it.

Keep going cos you're doing great!


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Like Mini said, the exercise is a possibility but there are other things it could be too! Why don't you try doing less next week and see how that works out? 2lbs is still a great loss though hun, and a lot of people who have smaller losses one week tend to follow the next with a larger one! So stay positive, you've still lost 2lbs of fat FOREVER hehe x


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2lb is still a good loss hun. And im sure that you will have a big one next week just try to go to the gym less.
Yes I've heard that excersise can slow weight loss for those on a VLCD, so I've not been at all since I've joined, but I can't wait to go back when I'm re-feeding.
yes i have been told this because your body needs more than 600 cals to keep your body going when you excersise because your havin less than that, your body starts to store it (fat)because it knows that it will need it for tomorrow if you get what i mean (starvation mode )gentle excersise like walking is better for you whilst doing this diet i cant remember if i read this on the lipotrim website or i read it on here someone else will tell you abit more jan is good she has loads of info on things related to this diet hope this helps xxxxxxxxx


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Here's that info .... I tend to copy everything I find interesting and then (perhaps boringly I don't know) paste it where I think others might find it useful. However - what I must do is go back and find these things again so that I can credit the original posters with the info! This was by Pete someone .....

Toning exercise is better for your weight loss than cardio while on a VLCD.

I won't bore you with the science, but here's the basic idea;
you are existing on 500ish cals a day with the VLCD diet
your body requires around 2000(min) cals a day to survive
it therefore burns fat to get those extra cals


if you start doing lots of cardio, you up the required cals for your body to stay living

your body can't convert fat to energy quickly, it is a slow process compared to converting any other substance (including muscle tissues)

if you do too much cardio, your body will panic as it does not have the energy for it, and you risk pushing yourself into so-called "starvation mode", where you body will hang onto everything it has for use at a much more critical later date (i.e. it's better to let your body go wanting now and use the fats when you have been 'starving' for a week, then use it up now and let you starve moreso later on)

remember, your body doesn't *know* that you are trying to lose weight (and in the hunter-gatherer-survival sense, having fat is a good thing as you will be able to live longer without eating), all it does it convert one substance into another (food packs into energy, fat into energy) and if one of them gets in deficit or the demand placed on the body to perform is too high, then it will do the exact opposite.

So, in a nutshell, don't overdo the cardio, or you will probably see your fat loss slow down. light toning is fine, but again don't go in for the "muscle building" as on a VLCD you won't be getting enough protein to really build muscle up anyway (and by the end of the diet you will have most certainly have lost some muscle mass too)

Afterthought; muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. 1lb is 1lb, whether it is a pound of brick or a pound of feathers.

The difference is, 1lb of fat takes up more physical room than 1lb of muscle, as muscle cells are streamlined and fat cells are bulky.


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