Week 21 on LT - Maintenance Program - Total disaster

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  1. Mick1166

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    Hi Everyone,

    I had just my WI today and found that I put on weight a lot this week, 11 lbs :eek::cry:. I am really upset, I have to be honest, I just did not do what I had to do. Did not drink enough water but had my coffees with low fat milk and sweeteners. I think my big mistake was that I ate a lot of nuts, peanuts, almonds even if they were the natural ones, not salted, have plenty of calories. I donĀ“t think I drank too much alcohol during Xmas, I would say 3 small glasess of wine for the xmas dinner and the another 3 the following day. Also I only ate 1 portion of the chocolate cheese cake, 2 trifles, and just few chocolate biscuits 1 day.

    I just went for a walk a couple of days, 15 minutes each day, and that was all the exercise I made.

    Anyway, I am a positive person and I learn from my mistakes, I am going on holidays to Spain for few days and I will stick to the maintenance program to the letter, no exceptions. And will walk at least an hour everyday.

    As per my pharmacist, I should lose weight if I stick to the maintenance program, so will let you know next Sunday.

    Happy New year to all of you.

    PD:Remember, together, we can do it ;)
    Starting Weight 24st 1lb Height: 5ft 10"

    Metric: Heigt:1.78m Weight:153.4 Kg
    :cry:Super morbidly obese
    Week 1: Loss 1 st :D:D:D
    Week 2: Loss 1o lb :):)
    Week 3: Loss 1o lb :):)
    Week 4: Loss 9 lb :):)
    Week 5: Loss 5 lb :)
    Week 6: Loss 7 lb:):) Current Weight 20st 2lb 128.25Kg
    Week 7: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D Yippeee! Below 20 st, my first goal achieved! current Weight 19st 7lb Metric: 125.2 Kg
    Week 8: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D 19st 2lb Metric: 121.75 Kg Super Obese
    Week 9: Loss 4 lb :) 18st 11lb Metric: 119.8 Kg Super Obese
    Week 10: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D 18st 4lb Metric: 116.7 Kg Super Obese
    Week 11: Loss 6 lb :D:D:D 17st 13lb Metric: 114.2 Kg Super Obese
    Week 12: Loss 6 lb :D:D:D 17st 6lb Metric: 111.55 Kg Super Obese
    Week 13: Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 17st 2 lb Metric: 109.3 Kg Obese
    Week 14:
    Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 16st 11lb Metric: 106.9 Kg Obese 2nd Goal achieved, weight loss above 100 lbs :party0038:
    Week 15: Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 16st 6lb Metric: 104.65 Kg Obese
    Week 16: Loss 2 lb :D 16st 4lb Metric: 103.55 Kg Obese
    Week 17: Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 15st 13lb Metric: 101.45 Kg Obese
    Week 18: Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 15st 8lb Metric: 98.95 Kg Obese 3rd Goal achieved! Below 100 Kg barrier, yipeeee!:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:
    Week 19: Loss 4 lb :D:D:D 15st 4lb Metric: 97.20 Kg Obese
    Week 20: Loss 2 lb :D:D:D 15 st 2lb Metric:96.30 Kg Obese
    Week 21: Gained 11 lb :break_diet: 15 st 13lb Metric:101.30 Kg Obese

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    Happy new year to you too
    Dont let this small set back stop you ,you need to follow the maintaince as you discovered and slowly get back into eating then hopefully if we have learnt our lessons we can have those treats and still keep our new figures :D
    You enjoy your hols and keep to plan and you will be back on the right road in no time xx
  4. perfectorchid

    perfectorchid Below 190lbs... wohooo

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    Switched to CD
    Oh no that must be disheartening but at least you know where you went wrong. Happy New Year and well done for being so positive x
  5. loulouless

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    ~OMG you have done fantastically you can do it you've proven that by the amount you have lost already. You are an inspiration to us all, well done!
  6. blue eyes

    blue eyes Positive and focused!

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    One saving grace at least you didnt go up a stone. If you get back on it you will lose that in no time. This maintenance lark seems very much trial and error! Perhaps too much too soon. Dont worry you can sort it!XX
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