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Week 22 Weigh in

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by xsarahloux, 16 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    hey slimmers!

    ok so lost 3lbs last night, which i'm happy with. i was hoping for more but 3lbs is a lot so cant be greedy!!

    last day at work this week - thank god! thanks all who read my moan yesterday! a great place to vent is minimins!!

    so important now... i broke the 100lb mark!! 102lbs lost for ever!! thats 816 sausages to anyone that's counting!!!

    have a great weekend everyone xxx
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  3. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Well-Known Member

    well done sarahlou, thats amazing. uve done so well hun. difference in bmi is fab 2.
    keep it up hun x x
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  4. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Well-Known Member

    Well done sarahlou dats a brilliant result! 100lbs wow congrats on your amazing overall loss you must feel hugely different with 102lbs gone??? have a nice relaxing weekend tink you have had enough stress for the week!!!!!
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    CHARLEYSANGEL Well-Known Member

    Well done Sarah Lou, 3lbs is brilliant! & 102lbs overall, WOW

    Clair x
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  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    3lb in a week is a very good weight loss, well done:happy096:

    Congratulations on losing over 100lb!!!:wow::wow::wow:

    Love Mini xxx
  7. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Well-Known Member

    Big Congrats sarah lou!! 100 and 2 lbs girl thats amazing your doing brilliantly keep it up the hard work is paying off hun!!! xxxx :)
  8. Jesi

    Jesi Well-Known Member

    Great loss babes well done. You have come a long way and I bet you feel fab.
  9. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Ah, well done as always Sarah!!! You are in that exclusive 100+ Club now :)

    Have a great week.
  10. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•


    :banana dancer:

    Well done chicka! And breaking 100lbs ............ :worthy: Absolutly fantastic!! :D xxx
  11. lisa66

    lisa66 Well-Known Member

    well done sarahlou 3lbs is great have a relaxing weekend . x
  12. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    Wooh! Over the 100 mark!! Well done, that's great!

    Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend! :)

  13. tafflass

    tafflass Well-Known Member

    fantastic hun.
    big congrats to you.
    well pleased for you x
  14. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Well-Known Member

    Woohoo Sarah-Lou the big century! That is just amazing, fantastic and all those other outstanding words!

    *Gok moment coming up*

    You are a total and utter inspiration. Your determination, will power and focus is incredible. I love reading your posts as you inspire me so much. You prove that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. You go girl!

    *Gok moment finished*

  15. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    WOW! Over a hundred pounds in just INCREDIBLE! I can't believe how amazingly well you've done Sarah- what a Lipotrim ICON!

    Not seen the post where you were feeling down- will go and have a snoop through the board now. Hope you're ok tho


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