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Week 26 weigh in

Feeling very sorry myself, the stinking cold has shown no signs of leaving yet. Couldn't leave work til 6 last night so didn't get home til 8.30. moan moan moan.

Anyway, lost 5.5lb (so that one solitary milky coffee didn't do any harm at all, yay!!)

Now soooooooo close to goal, just over a stone to go.

Also pharmacists gave me day and night nurse capsules and said they shouldn't affect weight loss. frankly with this could i couldn't care if they did at this point in my diet!!! lol anyway, hope they work their magic.

Just been for haircut, was going to go shopping and try on loads of clothes but SO not in the mood at all, plus i need a personal shopper to give me ideas as i have no idea even what to look at let alone try on.

Have a good saturday all! :D
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Congrats, you are very strong being able to stay on lipotrim while not feeling the best I hope your tablets work and you feel happy again. Just think you are so close and when your cold is gone you will be so delighted with yourself that you had the strength to get threw no only 26 weeks+ on this but also keeping it going wen you had other things to fight threw. You are truly inspiring!
Excellent Elle!! Cr4p that you're feeling wick but good that you're still so positive. And you'll get shopping soon enough woman, you're sooo close, it's amazing! You're truly inspirational babes. :D


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That is a great loss and I am thinking in a few weeks you will be done with this diet. Hope the cold gets better soon.
thanks guys, i'm sure day and night nurse will work :)

and yes so close to goal - i can't wait!!:talk017:
Well done on your loss Elle, sorry to hear you're not feeling so great!

I think you're a real inspiration on here, you've stuck with the diet and lost a fantastic amount of weight, I only hope i can stick to it as well as you have.

Why not mix yourself up a nice hot choccy shake to cheer yourself up!

It's incredible that you still lose so MUCH even when you're this far into the programme. What would your top tips be? To lose 5.5lbs when you're months in is mind-blowing.

Sorry you're not feeling very well- but just IMAGINE getting to goal- you're going to feel ecstatic!!

Very well done hun- as others have said you are inspirational!

I think a hot choc might be my dinner tonight - have not had the shakes hot in aeons as i kind of went off them. But will try again - if my taste buds haven't changed in this long then i don't know that they ever would, lol!

I think I will start planning refeed in the next couple of weeks. Im' planning on getting to my goal weight and at the weigh-in where i achieve it will do one final week and *then* refeed :) should be early october!!!

Determined Girl - my top tips are really just go for it 100% i had one blip last weekend of one milky coffee but other than that i've just powered through. Nothing incredible of magical to share i'm afraid. Oh, just maybe being pretty stubborn helps ;)


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:wow: 5.5lbs ... fantastic chicka!! :D

Hope you gets better soon :hug99:


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well done elle - fab result! Your soooo close now, you must feel fantastic! :) I agree its strange having to shop for new clothes, I have no idea what im going to buy either when im done - but you'll certainly have fun doing it. Hope the cold eases soon, my mum too have nightnurse on LT and it didnt affect ketones. best of luck for next week :D x
Wow fabulous weight loss, hope your cold is better soon, at least the night nurse capsules should knock you out tonight and fingers crossed you'll feel better in the morning.

A personal shopper is an excellent idea, one of the girls in work had one a few weeks ago and came away with clothes she would never have picked out in a million years, she looked amazing!!

Good luck with this week x
Well done Elle, to be so consistant with losses must feel amazing. I have just seen your total loss 111 lbs so far, thats unreal, you must have a will of iron & to keep going for such a long period, fantastic xxx

Ps hope you are feeling better soon x
Wow wow wow! Absolutely amazing Elle-Emm! You're a total inspiration to us all. You're strong, focused and determined. All the right ingredients for LT.

You must feel fabulous, even though you're loaded with the cold *hugs* hope you feel better soon.

You are so near goal and the personal shopper sounds like a great idea. I'd love a job like that. Let us know if you do decide to get a personal shopper. I'd love to see the results.

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