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ProPoints Week 3 Andi's Food Diary


Bye bye bellies!!!
Hi All

Well here I am, after a short stint at slimming world I have come back to WW. I have had more come backs that Elvis to be honest but hey ho here I go again :rolleyes:

I have tried every diet on the planet and failed miserably but this time I have to make it work. I have been lucky that so far I havent had any health issues but at nearly age 40 they are starting to occur.

I would like to lose 6 stone and my target is 36lbs by 20th December (2lbs per week). I weigh on a Tuesday. I cant face going back to class again (yet) but I might go back when the kids go back to school and the house calms down a bit - I loved my class it was great craic.

So here is my food for the past few days

2 medium eggs - 4
2 nimble - 3
butter - 2
Alpen light bar - 2
Milk - 3
Wrap - 3
Turkey - 2
Yogurt 2
light mayo - 1
salad - 0
2 nectarines - 0
diet coke chicken - 3 for chicken (veg free)
Singapore noodles - 6
Rich toffee bar - 2
Birthday cake (rice crispie type) 4

37 points 20 mins Zumba Wii- 2ap
60 mins walk - 4ap

ap - 6
weeklies - 49

Day 2
2 eggs - 4
ham - 1
2 nimble -3
Flora light - 1
Milk - 2
Alpen light - 2
Wrap - 3
Turkey- 1
salad - 0
light mayo and sweet chilli dressing - 1
yogurt 2
strawberries - 0
curly wurly - 3
birthday cake - 3
Pasta - 6
chicken - 2
Bacon - 1
Philli light - 2
Velvet crisps - 2

39 points
Zumba - 2AP (8)


2 eggs - 4
2 nimble - 4
Flora - 1
Milk - 2
RTB - 2
Wrap - 3
Mexican chicken - 2
Sweet Chilli and light mayo - 1
salad - 0
apple - 0
yogurt - 0
cherries - 0
ww hot chocolate - 1
alpen light double choc - 2
ww- red curry ready meal - 8
ww chips - 5
2 packets velvet crisps - 4
Freddo - 2
curly wurly - 3
(Oh PMT is a joy - 10 pts of chocolate and I still want more!)
44 points (38 dailies plus 6 weeklies)

Plan to do a walk with mutts - 2ap - AP - 10
weeklies - 43

Im trying to keep my Activity points and use them only in an emergency, which night be saturday night - booze up with the girls :eek:. Dear knows how im going to get through my birthday next week but I will do my best.
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Looking good darling :D well done u! xxx


Bye bye bellies!!!
Thanks Carly! Just ate about 30 PTs eating crisps watching BB. I think i didn't get enough satisfying food at dinner so i was still hungry. I should have bulked it up with a load of veggies.Definitely need to commit to this and wise up! On the plus side I did my walk so that's something!
Well done for the work! Sure it wasn't as many as u think! I'm a snacker but do try to eat bigger meals xx


Bye bye bellies!!!
Ok I promised myself I would be honest so last night while watching big brother I had-
Twiglets 2
Cake 6
Kitkat 3
McCoys crisps 6
Time out stick 2

I am determined to stick to my Pts this week so-

Weeklies 23
Activity points 10

Not as bad as it could have been!
Here to follow your diary hon! Cead míle failte! :D x


Bye bye bellies!!!
Day 4 in the big mother house!

3 nimble 4
Jam and flora light 2
Fibre bar 3

3 nectarines

Turkey and ham subway Mayo and cheese 9
Sunbites 3

Chinese takeaway chow mein 13
Freddo and curly wurly 6

Mexican chicken 1
Crisps 5

Daily 46 (39 and 7 weeklies)
Weekly 16
Activity 10

Feeling stronger today so hopefully that's me for the day!
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Bye bye bellies!!!
I'm starting to worry about the weigh in on Tuesday. It seems like I'm not on a diet. I would love to lose 4 lbs but I'm not sure I will? I'm determined not to go mad tomorrow night and drink all my points and then have a kebab!
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Bye bye bellies!!!
Day 5 week 1

Fibre bar 3
Milk for teas 2
2toast 3
Flora 1
2 eggs medium 4
Rich toffee bar 2
Chips ww 5
MS breaded chicken 5
Salads and coleslaw 5

2 gins 4
1wine cocktail 4
1koppaberg 4

Crisps 8
Cake 5
curly wurly 3
Blue ribband biscuit 3
Freddo 3
Popcorn 2
70 pts

39 daily
26 weeklies and activity
Need to do 5 ap today to balance it out- Zumba here I come.

I had a moment yesterday in the changing rooms of M&S. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and was shocked at how big I was. It's weird how you don't notice and then it hits you. Went out last night in the usual crap clothes feeling ginormous. Anyhow I'm determined to be a ww angel today and tomorrow for weigh in on tuesday!


Bye bye bellies!!!
Day 6 week 1

Fibre bar 3
Milk for teas 2
2 granary bread 5
flora 1
light coleslaw 1
mexican chicken 1
salad 0
freddo 3
velvet crisps 2

lamb steak 6
potatoes 3
sweetcorn 1
turnip 0
gravy 1
meringue 1
cream 1
strawberries 0
curly wurly 3
34 points
zumba AP 5
walk 2


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Here to follow! :) diary looks good! I'm a snacker too! Had 21 pp after my dailies yesterday! Back on track tod tho! Good luck for weigh in xx
Looking good :) honesty on here is key ! I often feel guilty but sharing makes it better! ;)

Good luck for WI! Bet u will do fab x


Bye bye bellies!!!
CarlyLanky140 said:
Looking good :) honesty on here is key ! I often feel guilty but sharing makes it better! ;)

Good luck for WI! Bet u will do fab x
Thanks Carly, it's new to me - normally I'm a bit economical with the truth when it comes to what I've eaten but this time is different.


Bye bye bellies!!!
Day 7 week 1

I have been in pain all day with a tooth ache - half my tooth fell out at the weekend. I hate going to the dentist but it looks like I can't avoid it any longer!

Belvita 6
Milk 2
Banybel light 1
Subway with cheese and Mayo 9
Sunbites 3
granary bread 5
2 low low slices 4
Buttons 2
Walkers crisps 3
Velvet crisps 2
Rtb 2
Birthday cake at work 2 tiny slice
41 Pts

38 plus 3 activity pts
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Bye bye bellies!!!
kezzalicious30 said:
Here to follow! :) diary looks good! I'm a snacker too! Had 21 pp after my dailies yesterday! Back on track tod tho! Good luck for weigh in xx
Thanks Kezza. Im nervous about weighing tomorrow. Good luck for your week.


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Aww I'm sure u will b fine! Fingers crossed for u! :) xx
I had toothache a few weeks bk! For someone who likes to eat it's awful! Lol!

I used to eat in secret and all sorts but those are the demons we face and just posting an honest diary on a bad day is an amazing achievement!!

Good luck for WI xx


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Here here Carly! I never Want to admit how much I eat on a bad day but at the end of the day we are only cheating ourselves! we can't b perfect all the time! Xx


Bye bye bellies!!!

4lbs off!!! Im happy with that. I know that there are many who lose much more in their first week but as you can see from my food diary I have been eating alot - all my weeklies and all my activity points.

I am away for a couple of days in Dublin with the family to celebrate the BIG 40 :eek: this week so I will keep tracking as best I can then its ww angel time from Saturday along with Jillians 30 day shred and Zumba:character00115:

Tooth still aching - dentist tomorrow :yuk:

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