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week 3 & loving it!

Hi, well done on your weight loss so far :)

I'm on week 4, and have had a couple of hungry moments the past 2 days, but I'm determined to struggle through it :D

This site keeps me motivated too
yes it does me 2 :)
ive had a couple of weak moments myself, mainly in the evening when the kids are in bed and im watching tv,, but trying to keep it at bay with fruit or snack a jacks as a treat! :) x
We are on the same wavelength, in the evening I get a hunger pang which I ease with fruit, snack a jacks or if its a major pang, I have a small bowl of low fat cereal ;).....or I go to bed earlier than expected!
lol yeah ive been to bed earlier than expected i few times :)
how are you finding weight loss? ive hide my scales.. from myself!? hehe as i was getting on them far to often so my next weigh in is on monday so motivated for that.. x
Well on one of my many previous diets, I have been known to ask hubby to hide the scales to stop the temptation of hopping on and off :D but this time I've kept them in the bathroom and so far have successfully avoided temptation until Monday mornings!

Like you I weigh myself on Monday morning. I am due to be weighed at doctors in 3 weeks. He weighed me last week after only 2 weeks on xenical, whilst I was there for a non weight problem!! hee hee sneaky! His scales matched mine EXACTLY, so he was pleased and i was grinning like a cheshire cat :D

I've been looking for 'weight' programmes on tv in the evening, as it puts a stop to the cravings! Tonight I am watching Fat challenge with Lorraine Kelly, I missed it first time around and find it keeps me motivated. I also love before and after pics in magazines, thinking ONE DAY that will be me! :)
i love them too, its great motivation, i may watch that lorraine prog wot channel is it on? i love watching that supersize v's superskinny it defo motivates me each week.. regards the scales, my hubby away in afghan atm as hes in the army so ive put them in the wardrobe but not been near yet, if they do creep out before monday this week im giving them to my friend and asking her to pop them round on a monday b4 we go to work n then take them back with her! hehe! not sure on tea tonight, i wanna try to reduce my carbs but i love the ww meals so kinda stuck, plus its so easy to sort my t and my sons at the same time :) x
I watch The Biggest Loser Australia to keep me motivated! I record it each night on Sky, but I watch it the following day, after I get in from work, and before I have my evening meal. 9 times out of 10 it makes me feel so lazy that I get on the exercise bike while I'm watching it, and then I don't feel like pigging out later and undoing all my good work!
Isn't it funny how we use these programmes to keep us on the right track! :) Unfortunately, I've been off the rails a bit lately, so I have a whole week's worth of Biggest Loser to catch up on!

I've also been known to go to bed at about 8:30 just to stop myself from eating! In fact, I have a feeling that tonight may be one of those nights, since it's weigh-in day tomorrow and I haven't done very well this week!
i must admit iv slacked off a bit this week with my exercise.. and maybe 1 or 2 many bags of snack a jacks....
I've recorded tonights show, not watched it yet. its is on one of the sky channels at 9pm, will confirm tomorrow which one!

It features the whole family of the overweight girl who auditioned for x factor a year or two ago and was ridiculed for her dress etc. She then auditioned the following year with her sister who is also overweight. They didn't get through to the next round.

Anyway it is following their journey. the girls seem motivated, not so sure about their parents though :eek:
Think the programme is called, My big fat challenge with Lorraine Kelly.

Relieved to hear I am not the only one who has to have an early bedtime to stay on track!

Great idea, giving your scales to your friend, resisting temptation.
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