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week 3 weigh in and so wanna scream!!!


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so week one and week two great....7lbs a week....went along after a bad week stress wise for week 3
GUTTED!!! only two and a half pounds lost...chemist asked about "monthly's" as he so nicely called it...when i said i had just come on he then went on about fluid retention and normal to gain a couple pounds at this time blah blah blah dont feel disappointed but can't help it...
Am just hoping next weeks is better as on top of so much stress i really need to feel this is worth while
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Here we go again!
Don't worry about it Vikh. A lot have said that next week you will lose extra weight that you should have lost this week. Don't panic and keep going and all the hard work will pay off. Good luck.


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Oh but you have done so well so far! A stone in two weeks! Thats amazing :)

Keep looking at the overall picture, you really do deserve a pat on the back. And if it is due to your TOTM, next week will be back to normal. Keep at it :D
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hi vikh
sorry u r feeling bit down re: weighin, i dont get the big losses everyone seems to get - so it gets me down abit, but think if you are losing every week then it surely adds up. and it has to be better than weight watchers or slimming world. keep going, its a new month tomorrow, keep looking on the forums cos loads of good people can help you.
have a good week!


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ok i know i'm just being down on myself but have had such a week really wanted a boost today....given up craving food now crave voddie
Anyone got a wet kiper to slap me round the face with to bring me back to normal lol
*Slaps around face with a kipper* No Voddie!!! It will make you really ill while on LT and possibly even put you in a coma cos your liver wont be able to cope with it.
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Just remeber monthly's are just that- a few days in 28. Look what you have done and will do in the remainder. You will be fine. 16lbs so far i'm jealous


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Oh the joys of not having 'monthlys'!! (sorry to rub it in! lol)

*slaps around head with a kipper*
Sorry i couldnt resist either! lol

:banana dancer:

rainbow brite

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Babe, you may view this as a low loss but if you'd been on any other diet you would probably have lost nothing this week. We all have low loss weeks and next week could be a great one or you could find you've lost in inches instead. Start measuring yourself if you haven't already - it's a great boost when faced with a low loss. Chin up dollface x
i havent measured myself yet...bloody good idea...know i've lost some when fitted into trousers today i bought i sale ages agoand never got into


Getting thinner everyday!
I don't think thats a bad loss especially as it's TOTM.

don't be gutted..just look at how much you've lost in 3 weeks. That's really good.

Alex :)
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oh great its my totm na n im jus on my second week i wus hopin 4 another 7lb, dus that mean i wont?? x x

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
oh great its my totm na n im jus on my second week i wus hopin 4 another 7lb, dus that mean i wont?? x x
Not necessarily but the general rule of thumb is to expect a lower loss on TOTM weeks. Everyone is different though...

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In a few weeks you will look back and realise that that was not a bad weight loss! More will come off next week if you stick to it.XX
does being slapped around face with kipper count as having had food?
LMAO I think you are safe hun as long as you kept your mouth shut!!!:p

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