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Week 3 Weigh In

Hi All

well have just had my WI and have lost 3lbs so now totalling 1 stone in 3 weeks.
Can't help but feel a little dissapointed as was secretly hoping for 1 extra pound to bring me into the 14 stones, instead i am still 15 stone :mad:
Have had a pretty rubbish week in all to be honest,have been constipated,have bled none stop for over 2 weeks and am shattered as have just gone back to work after maternity leave on top of doing school run etc. And all on foot might I add as hubby has the car!!

Oh well no more moaning,just need to look forward to next weeks WI which wont be till tue eve,will have measurements done then as well.

Well done to everyone who has lost weight or stuck to CD this week.
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WILL be Slim!
well done on losing 3lbs this week hun! Thats super considering how you've felt and 14inches off in 2 weeks is amazing!

Dont be disheartned hun and keep on plodding away! do the diet 100% and it CAN NOT fail...whether its on the scales or in inches!



Happiness in a shake!
Don't be disheartened hun, a stone off in 3 weeks is amazing, you have done really well, and the 14's will be screaming your name next week x
Hey there, chin up :) You have achieved a good loss despite all the adversities and extra demands on you..WELL DONE.


One day at a time!
Well done, that really is a good loss, even though you wish it had been a bit more! Sounds like life is pretty hectic with you at the moment so you deserve a big pat on the back for staying focussed.:)

Thanks guys and girls,feeling bit better about it all today. Also after reading other posts on here about others i realised that on CD you generally look at losing 1 stone in a month so i figured that doing it in 3 weeks is pretty good after all.
Thanks again for all your support.
Fab weight loss, don't worry about reaching little 'mini-targets' that you have set yourself, the important issue is to keep up the diet as that inevitably brings us rewards.
Good luck for next weigh-in !


Enjoyin' my journey....
Well done Natalie. I think we share an impatience for results better than the great ones we get!! I am desperate to be in the 16s, and I'm hovering 1.5lbs over (must update my stats on here!). I need to focus on the fact that I am looking at going into the 16s - without CD I would have been in the 19s and staring the 20s in the face by Christmas. Hope you feel more relaxed and at ease soon - sounds like you have a lot going on! Tx
Thanks all

Am feeling more motivated now and am determined to have a 100% cd week so so far so good.
Tracey yep your right i do want to see more than i get but i guess that the womans impatient nature.I see we started around the same time as well to will be good to keep track of each others weight losses.
Blingbabe your so right and am starting to see the rewards of CD already.

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