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week 3 weigh in

Well this is actually my 26th day on SS I have my weigh in on Monday evenings, my first week loss was 12lb so I was very happy but last week and this week I have only lost 3lb each week :sigh:
Is this right perhaps I am expecting too much especialy as it is TOTM this week so hopefully I will see a good loss next week.
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3lb a week after the initial big first week loss is really good. u r meant to lose about a stone a month so that works out about right. one week u might only lose 1lb and then lose 7lb the next. no reason for it but it should average out just right. well done on 18lbs gone in 3 weeks! thats fab :D xxx


Hey Ceejay!! I'm sure a CDC will be along in a minute to advise on expected losses. I wanted to congratulate you on your 1 stone loss in 2 weeks!! That is amazing - don't get down about losing lower than expected - sometimes I think we get disappointed all too often when we've not lost as much as we'd hope (myself included) but we must remember a loss is a loss. Well done you!!! Keep it up! Vx


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3lbs is a great loss and like Karen says if you were to lose this consistently that would be equivalent to a stone every 4 weeks :cool:.

And 3lb with totm thrown into the mix is fab.

Keep up the great work :D


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Hi Ceejay,

3lbs. is a very good weight loss for the week and 18lbs is very good. :happy096:

The guidelines are for a stone a month and you have exceeded it already by 4lbs.

3lbs. next week and you will have a stone and half off!

Most women do retain water around totm.

Love Mini xxx
thankyou everyone for your kind words perhaps I'm down because it is TOTM so next week I'm sure I will feel different.
Its lovely to have you all here for all the suport.:wave_cry:
thanks again XXXX


I will get to goal .....
Hey Ceejay,

Way to go on your losses!! You are doing just great and well in line with the stone per month prediction. Keep it up and you'll soon be heading for the magic 2nd stone off!!!


Serial Foodie!
i meant to ask if u do ur measurements? if not then do an all over weekly measure. include ur neck, under bust, belly, wrists and all the obvios places. I have only lost 25lbs since i started but over 28 inches from all over. 5 of those inches are from my knees (2 and a half from each one), if u can believe that lol. if u r doing regular measurements...any time u have a disappointing week, u will find u r still doing great inch wise.

Hi Karen thanks yes I am losing inches this week I lost 7 inches in total. I think over the 3 weigh in's I have lost quite a few inches I'm not sure how many as I don't have a copy of all the statistics.
I shold be pleased I know that now so I shall try to be.
I have just worked out that if I stick to 3lb per week then i will be at goal by May 2008 so thats not too bad:D
I have saved for a treat at Ragdale Hall health Farm I am going in February as thats my birthday. I shold be a lot slimmer by then:)
has anyone else got a treat booked to look forward to?

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