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Week 3 Weigh in :(

Hi guys, so just got back from my third weigh in and feeling disappointed as only lost 2lbs :mad: (And I had NO pancakes) Seein only a 2lb loss makes mw wish I had eaten 10! Anyway, water intake hasn't slided I'm still drinking 2-3 litres a day, and I still feel on top of the world so this is not gonna stop me! Still feeling positive. Ladies does your period effect weight loss? Oh well, atleast its 2lbs off not 2 lbs on eh! ;)
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Yes it most deffiantely does... my week 3 weigh in was Star week ha, an then the week after i lost double...
so stay positive huinni an hopeully nex weekend will be a cracker!!

2lbs is a fab loss, its 2lbs of pure fat remember, no water just fat!!


Well done on your weight loss, 2lbs is still good, its lost now. TOTM (what a *******) when your due a weigh in. I get weighed today and TOTM on tuesday pff.
Will be better next week, dont let it get you down :D:D:D


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats a really good chick!

I lost just over 2lbs this week too... It can be a little disheartening but dont let it get you down :D


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It is disheartening but dont let it get you down!
Just think you have just lost 2lbs of pure body fat!!!
Google a picture of 2lbs of body fat - i am sure you will be happy with that then :D

Well done honey x
I lost 2lb this wk too was a bit disappointed but hey its 2lb closer to goal fingers crossed for more next wk!
Hey just googled "What does 2lbs of fat look like..........'m very impressed! Its huge! Well done me for losing 2 lbs this week1 Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hey hun,look at your overall weight loss! That 2lbs has contributed to your 1st stone :banana dancer: and more- WELL DONE you!
2lb is the equivalent to 16 sausages!!!!
Keep up the good work,your doing fab!
well done tho like you said better off than on.


Doing it for my girls!
Aahh hun. I know just how you feel. I lost 2 this week too (actually quite a few of us did this week, must be something in the air!!) Just look at the big picture...at least it is coming off!!

Claire xx

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