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Week 3 WI - Feeling REALLY Low!


The Nerdy Singer
Week 3 official weigh in: 0 lbs lost?!?!?! On SS?!?!?! Without cheating?!?! Feels so futile.

I know I had to have lost inches - clothes fit better - but not even 1 teeny tiny little pound?!?! I lost more weight on TOTM!!!!

I'm scared that my body is taking it's usual diet route. I will drop a few lbs quickly (never this much, usually like 2-4) and then be rigid and disciplined for months with diet and exercise and lose like 1 lb every 3 months or so.

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:grouphugg:I know how disheartened you must be hun. you know this diet works and you will lose your weight, you can do it hun, i bet you make up for it next week.xx


The Nerdy Singer
It makes me feel even worse because I know there are people who have cheated, or eaten bad stuff, and still lost weight. So it makes me wonder, why the heck can't I when I've stuck to it more strictly than I need to? I don't even have coffee/tea/coke zero every day, I let myself have 1 small cup of black coffee a week as a treat.

Ugh and now I get to drive to Uni and go through the day feeling waaayyyy less hot and confident than I did before. :(


Silver Member
Don't worry it often slows around week 3 as your body adjusts. Keep going and it im sure you will lose next week.
I felt the same hun, it does pee you off when others seem to be able to cheat and get away with it ( im not one i struggle to lose even when im good) but that just life hun, you are doing great hun stick to it.xx


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It's pants, but it happens--especially as you lost 17 pounds in your first 2 weeks. Think of it this way. Some of those 17 pounds belonged in this week. If you'd lost 10 pounds the first week, 4 pounds last week and 3 pounds this week, you wouldn't feel half so bad, would you? :D

You're doing just fine. Hang in there--the scales will start dropping again in no time.

Hugs :flowers:


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
Week 3 is usually the worst for losses as the others have said but you are doing brilliantly and well above the monthly average already.

Take a look at the bigger picture and aim for 1 stone per month.:p

It will all level out next week - your body is just adjusting (and it never does what we expect it too!).

Good luck and take care:)


The Nerdy Singer
I hope so..... I'm so bummed! I mean, everyone says the 1st 2 weeks are fast and week 3 is slow, but I didn't realize that means week 1 was super speed, week 2 was 4 lbs in the first little bit of it, and halfway through that and all of week 3 was nonexistent! :( It's making me doubt whether I really lost the size, or whether my clothes are actually fitting looser or I'm imagining it.

I absolutely refuse to measure inches in anything but actual sizes dropped, because I just don't think I could take it if I lost no weight AND no inches!

I dunno what to do for a pick me up either! I "spent" my weekly treat yesterday, on the coke zero I had for energy in the middle of the day.
I also went shopping with my friend yesterday, which was nice because these corsets and cute tops were fitting around my waist like a glove - perfect hourglass and stomach going in - but still too much "endowment' up top... So I'm totally bummed and all out of my pick me up options, slogging on through Uni. Week 1 and I'm already buried in work!


Silver Member
you're doing great hun, you've lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks now, i had my WI this morning and i lost 3 lbs taking my monthly weight loss to 15 lbs so although i lost weight on the scales this week my monthly total isn't as much as what you've lost in 3 weeks !!!
the body tries to adjust to the changes which happens around week 3 , and we are told to expect an average weight loss of 1 stone a month which you've over achieved so should be really proud xxxxxxxxx :)


The Nerdy Singer
You guys are the best. :)
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I no how you are feeling there,but just weight and see your weight loss next week im sure it will show :)

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