Week 3 Wow! Slimming World Is The Best


Hi all
Had my third weigh in yesterday, I was really impressed as i had lost 11lbs!! :D
I have now lost 2 stone 2lbs in three weeks, I have had mostly red days and i was eating lots of free food and on 10-15 syns each day.
I also won Slimmer of the month and would have got Slimmer of the week had i stayed but i had to get back to work.
Had a celebratory Chicken Chow Mein Takeaway and a glass of wine last night.
Back on track today.
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Chicken chow mein isn't bad syn wise anyway, so well done for choosing wisely even in your celebration.

Congratulations very much on your weight loss too. You must be over the moon!!


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Congratulations!! x


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omg, that's amazing, have you posted you're food dairy:D


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holy crap!!! that's amazing.. and I thought I was doing well...
well done..
please do post your food diary so that others can give it a go..
do you do any exercise?


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wowwwwwww fabby weight loss!! you sound so positive and proud, quite rightly so!

good luck with the rest of it

Helen xxx
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blimey girl, That is fan bloody tastic! well done :) xx


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omg thats fantastic - well done so far. seems as though your doing all the right things and most important your happy. Will you post your food diary so that everyone can see what youve eaten which is refelecting greatly on your weight loss



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Congrats!!!!!! What amazing losses:D:eek:


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SOOOOOO sexist of you to assume that only women do "diets".. you should resign... :)
staypuft is a bloke... :D

Very true, and i'm very guilty of this also, will promise to be more careful:flowers:

ps just found this smily and made me laugh :brainfart:


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S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
are you noting your walks on your F.I.T. log?
that's 4x15 min sessions a day, you should get your bronze in no time..


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wow well done!
i have just stared back after 8 months off, & just had my baby 6 weeks ago so hopefull i shall hav a good weight loss this week!! (fingers crossed lol) x
keep up the good work! x


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Well done, that is a fantastic loss.