week 4 and feeling ill

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by pizzle84, 30 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    Im in my week 4 and today iv been having stomach ache which is making me feel queesy. Has anyone else felt like this??
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  3. philip

    philip Full Member

    hi pizzle, sorry to hear you feel like crap...do you think its the diet?
    Are you o.k in the toilet department?
    I know my pains started around 3/4 week and it was down to the toilet problem!
  4. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    Cant say i have a toilet problem but im going to get some senna tomorrow just to try
  5. tishtash

    tishtash Getting closer everyday

    i've had a toilet problem but in the sense i can't stay off! i have also felt sick for a few days and had stabbing pains in the top my stomach, kinda under my ribs. i've put it down to a bug and not the diet as have been on this quite a while now with no problems. hope you feel better soon x
  6. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    Thanks :)

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