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Week 4 Weigh In

Hi all

I'm a little bit disappointed - I lost 2lbs. I know its still a loss but i just thought it would have been more. The only thing I can put it down to is not drinking enough when I was away over the weekend. I'm guessing I needed more water than normal due to the heat and I was drinking about the same.

Still, on the plus side, thats 1st 10lbs in 4 weeks.....cant really grumble I suppose!!!

Hope everyone's doing ok x
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Hi Skinny
Dont be disheartened,,,good loss! When you look at your weigh ins over the past three weeks they have been high and I think that is why you feel disappointed. Dont be - it is a loss :)

I think we seem to get used to higher losses, but dont forget LT advocate 1 stone for females a month and 1.5 for men, so I think you are doing incredibly well.

And, as I have said many times before the scales dont know it is your weigh in today! For all you know, by tomorrow you could have lost another 1-2 lbs!!!! So, I am sure your weight loss will even itself out..but dont let the negative thoughts cloud what is a good weight loss sweetie!

You are doing so well!!!!

Have a great weekend and keep looking forward to the skinny you :)
Wow I think your total weight loss is absolutely phenomenal!!! 24lb in only 4 weeks?! that's incredible!

And anyway 2lb is perfectly good as it is :)

REally well done!
24lbs in 4 weeks is amazing! Don't be disappointed woman, remember, we're only promised a stone in that amount of time. You've blown that out of the water! Speaking of which -get glugging and
Well done Skinny, that's a bag of sugar gone forever!

Don't be disheartened, some weeks we do have low weeks, for several reasons but they are often followed by a good week.

You have done A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! Well done.


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ah thats brillant, as every1 sayes look at the bigger picture, u should be very proud of your self, well done ;)
Well done! That's a great loss overall, I know it's easy to be disappointed by your loss this week, but they seem to even out over the course of a month, so you're better off looking at the bigger picture :)

Good luck for next week!

awwww - thanks peeps!! I'm okay with it now, and I am proud of 24lbs in 4 weeks.



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I know you're disappointed but a loss is a loss is a loss & it takes something like 3000 calories burnt to shift a lb of fat... you're doing great :D Keep focused on the goal & the overall journey not just the week... it all averages out & you're doing great guns :D x

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