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Week 4 Weigh In

Brilliant losses Strawberry Kisses and well done on the hour long dog walk, did you feel great after it?

Can't help with the ketones thingy as I know nothing about them and don't even know if I'm in ketosis! I've never had my urine tested. All I know is that since about day 5 I've been bouncing off the walls with energy and my mouth tastes like a sweaty sock, so maybe I am in ketosis.

The 3 litres of water is great and I personally wouldn't drink any less. I accidently drunk 6 on Saturday as I was very busy and got carried away. I was a huge water drinker before LT so I don't have a problem with drinking so much.
Great loss - well done :)

Never meaasured my ketones so can't comment on that!
Betsy, yes I felt superb after the walk, even though it started raining about 15mins before I got home! I got in and had my well-deserved shake! Also... a sweaty sock tasting mouth - delicious!

As for the ketones, I can't believe some pharmacies don't measure them! I thought my pharmacy was a bit rubbish but now that I realise that you don't all get your ketones checked I feel that it may be slightly better than I thought, even though they're not tooooo supportive!

You're both doing fantastically well - great job!
The buzz you get after a long walk is great. You'll be wanting to get yourself a little dog now!

My pharmacy explained all about ketosis and all the ins and outs of the diet, they're all lovely people. In fact the lady who weighed me today got a bit emotional when she told me how much I had lost awww bless her. Too be honest I'm not a bit worried or interested in ketones. I expect if I was to ask they would test for them. As long as I'm losing weight I'm happy, whether in ketosis or not.

You chemist seems well organised, be thankful as I've heard of some chemist just throwing the shakes at you and not caring about your wellbeing.
I've wanted a dog for so long and when my friend said she was away Monday-Wednesday I offered to walk him! So will take him out again tomorrow and Wednesday =D

Yeah, I've heard of pharmacies just giving the shakes and that's it, so I am quite lucky! I'm changing pharmacy as of next weigh in as I'm moving, so a bit nervous that they're not going to be as organised! I'll keep y'all updated!

And you're right, Hannah, I'm in ketosis so should just shut up and get on with it lol. The pharmacist just said I could be damaging my kidneys because they're so high all the time, but as long as I felt ok it was fine to continue!


Success leads to success
Well done on your loss this week strawberry- thats brill :D


Eloquent hooligan
Great loss you ! :D x

Would echo what the others are saying too... 3 litres is great (more than me :eek:) & you're losing weight so obviously in ketosis :)

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