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Week 4 wi....


This is the last time!!
.....................and I stayed the same :sigh:. However, feeling upbeat about it. I didn't 'feeeeeeeeeeeeel' like I had lost anything, and judging by my vile mood for most of last week, and the fact that it has been 4 weeks since last TOTM, I am pretty sure the whole menstrual thing played a part. It most certainly wasn't anything to do with cheating as I have been, and remain, a complete 100%'er.
However, despite the scales not shifting, the good old friendly tape measure has. I have lost an inch from each thigh, half an inch from my waist, one and a half inches from my widest part, and an inch from my bust.
So, the teeeeeeeeeensy bit of disappointment I felt at STS has been quelled by the fact that my chunky thighs (which started off at 30.5 and 29.5 inches respectively) are slowly melting away. My widest part has gone from 54 inches (yikes!) to 47.5 inches in 4 weeks too.

Jan (who can't see any difference in the fortnightly pics but can deffo feel it in the clothes :D)
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Good for you hun, and last week you had such a big loss that it kinda levels itself out! But well done on sticking and being so positive, and the inches.xx


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Your overall loss is great and your inches lost is great so you should be happy with your progress.


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dont worry im sure you will have a big loss next week keep it up and dont get discouraged :)


This is the last time!!
I also sacked the bars....I enjoyed them but I have found myself feeling SO hungry, despite being in ketosis still (like to check each morning, am I sad?). Wonder if the fact that some folk suggest they affect weight loss has some truth...we'll see :)
Well done with the loss in inches, and i'm sure the scales will be moving for you in your next WI.
hi 23lbs and all those inches in 4 weeks - really good and I'd be really happy with that. Fingers crossed next week is a big dropxx


This is the last time!!
Came on today, so that can probably account for a pound or 2 that *should* come off next week.
Thanks for all of your positive comments.
Today, I wore a pair of trousers that 2 weeks ago were too tight to do up. Well, they were almost baggy today, so got a buzz from knowing my inch loss is helping there :)


Hey me too - wore trousers today that I haven't been able to wear since last year! They were a bit tight, but they'll get looser - felt great all day knowing I am moving back into old faves.


This is the last time!!
It's great isn't it :D:D
well done on keeping your mood upbeat - congratulations on the inch losses xx

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