Week 5-total loss 1/2 lb. Something needs to change!


So I am on week 5 and due to get weighed tomorrow. I am in the tetrible habit of weighing myself at home and after 4 SP days and 3 extra easy, I look like ive maintained.
I am a returning member who was at target for a year, so i know what to do. Its just not working! Really need to up my game and a little support along the way may help.
Hoping a food diary will keep me focused and maybe see if there is anything I can improve.
Im determined to get a loss and on track because I cant go on like this anymore. (Feeling determined!)
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Breakfast- muesli (HEB) and Banana

Lunch- Salad leaves, tomato, cucumber tuna, mayo (1 syn) and kidney beans.

Snack- butternut squash with chicken tikka pieces.

Dinner- Breaded fish (3 syns-homemade) peas, greenbeans and homemade chips. Mayo-1 syn.

Snack for tonight- creme egg (9 syns) and fruit if I get hungry later.


Ok so after my rant yesterday and feeling totally down. I have learnt 'STOP WEIGHING AT HOME' I do know this and never used to but i dont listen to my own advice.
Anyway -2lb tonight woohoo. Total loss 2.5lb. Yes its not the greatest in 5 weeks but its better off than on.
Aiming high and hoping for another 2 next week.


Food diary 13th april

Breakfast- Muesli and Banana (1 heab and A)

Lunch- salad with toms, lettuce,cucumeber, egg and kidney beans.
And alpen light bar- 3syns

Snack- muller light, satsumas

Dinner- Aldi beef in red wine sauce 1 syn, sweet potato and garlic mushrooms.

Small whispa bar- 7syns.

Total syns- 11
Total weekly syns- 11 (starting week today)


Had another good day but found I was hungry about 3 today because dinner wasnt full enough.
Having a hungry day but so positive from my 2lb loss im staying strong and on plan.

Breakfast- 3× wholemeal crustless bread and Banana (1 heb and 1 syn)

Lunch- cupshot, carrot sticks, 2x tangerines and strawberries.

Dinner- burger on bun 6.5 syns
Sweet potato
Mayo- 1 syn

Snack- flake- 5 syns
Milk- hea

Total syns 13.5

Total weekly syns- 24.5


Hi Chantel - can I just ask about the weekly syns - I thought we only counted them daily? Now worried I'm doing this wrong! Yikes

That is right we do. You are doing it right but sometimes if I dont use all my syns I save them for an extra treat and use flexi syns. Best way to do it is daily but some people save syns. It works for some but not for others.


So after finishing last night on 13.5 syns I ended up munching on pringles later. So going to take my 1.5 syns from yesterday and 4 from Wednesday and use them for my slip up. It reslly wasnt too many.

I have been on a school trip with work today so super busy and used lots of energy and plenty of body magic.

Breakfast- bacon, tomatos, mushrooms, butternut squash and boiled eggs.

Lunch- 2 x wholemeal ham and lettice sandwhich, cheese curls and lots of fruit- 1x heb and 3 syns.

Dinner- chicken in bacon 3 syns, chips and beans. ( I know no speed but I really wanted beans and not veg) mayo- 1 syn.

Snack- small flake- 5 syns
Hea- Milk.

Total syns- 12

Total this week- 42 syns


Not been on over the weekend, had a busy weekend at martin meere and formby beach. Managed to stay on track and even went to the chippy for the kids and I came back and had a slimming world meal. Now thats will power!

Today I haave had.

Breakfast- banana on toast (heb)

Lunch- chicken tikka kebabs with salad. 2 syns. Yogurt 1 syn and tangerine.

Dinner- chicken in a sweet sauce 5.5 syns

Snacks- yogurt and creme egg (9 syns)

Total syns- 17.5. Slightly over but im not worrying too much about that.