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Week 5

Hi everyone,

I got weighed for the 5th time today and was happy to see a loss of 2lbs. Thats a total of 22lbs in 5 weeks.

I didnt lose mega this week because I ate on Friday to celebrate my wedding anniversary (even though I said I wouldnt).

Anyway, the chemist recommended that I come off TFR for 1 week and then go back to it to kick start the weight loss again and it might help me fight the kidney infection I currently have.

So I'm feeling pretty nervous because I dont want to gain too much this week but I'll do my very best to stick with a low fat, low carb diet and see what happens.

Good luck to everyone else for their weigh-in's this week and well done to everyone else xx
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Hi Weenie -firstly well done on 22lb in 5 weeks :) that's fab!!

You clearly didn't do much damage when you ate, so you must have been sensible about what you chose (well done!) - to lose anything is great on those circumstances.

I'm a bit puzzled by your pharmacist's recommendation. Personally I would not want to break off from it for a week - is s/he suggesting you refeed for that week off and then go back to Lipotrim? People can find it very hard to get back on track after a period of time off. But I guess they are making that suggestion in line with byour medical needs - so good luck with it.

They should give you an information sheet about how to refeed, but if they haven;'t then there is lots of info available on the refeeding forum here, and people about who can offer advice.

Good luck and let us know how you get on with your week off!
Hey Weenie!

Yey!! 22lbs gone FOREVER babe! That's great! ESPECIALLY as you had something to eat on Friday!

It's weird that your pharmacist suggested that tbh. I'm puzzled why they'd think it was a good idea...won't it make it harder when you go back on tfr? Anyway- if you're refeeding just don't be tempted to hit the bread and crisps (I know I would!!)

Big hugs- you're doing brilliantly!

I would't break the LTagain..it might help you but you will still have the infection and it is very hard onse eaten to get motivated again took me more than a week of picking after weeks refeed to be on 3 shakes again and losing weight again but everyones different do what feels right for you

debz x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That is unfortunate that you have to come off it for the week. Perhaps the pharmacist thinks it will help your kidney infection clear up. I guess its best to do as advised. Well done on doing so well this far and hope you will get back on track soon.
Well done on your loss Weenie! Great stuff, 22lbs obliterated!

Sad to hear you have a kidney infection, they are so painful :(

I agree with everyone else, it's so strange that the chemist wants you off LT for a week to kick start your losses again? In my opinion you're doing brilliantly, you don't need it kick started! I have a horrible bacteria virus thing in my tummy, and I'm fighting it well while being on LT. Neither my Doctor, Consultant or Chemist thought it wise to come off LT while I was suffering from it. Apparently it is so difficult to get back on board once you've been off. Especially when you've been poorly. Ask your Docs advice.


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