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week 7 weigh in result

hey everyone,
hope you're all doing well :)

went for my weigh in this morning and am pleased to say that i've lost another 3lb this week.:D

i know it's not as much as some lose but i'm really happy losing between 3 and 4lb a week.

treated myself to a lovely leather look bomber jacket earlier to celebrate :D:D
(and new boots,new top and some belts lol)
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Congratulations! I can't wait to start thinking about shopping for new smaller clothes. ON day 3 and I think all going well.

Thank you
that's great!! Fab loss.
And great treat, i'm looking for a leather jacket too :)


Success leads to success
Well done Taff- brilliant stuff! Like you I would love to average 3-4 a week :) Oooh I like the leather jackets in there too- need to get me one ;) You shop until you drop- you derserve it :D x
Wahey sexy mama! That is just fabulous! I'm so pleased for you! I bet you look like an amazonian Goddess. Beeatch! *jealous* Hate ya! no love ya! no hate ya! no love ya! no hate ya!

I spied that jacket in New Look, it's cute. I want one now! See what you've done, made me spend more money that I don't need to spend. What else did you get, and where did you get them?

How's the inches shrinking this week? Go on, make me greener, another 6 off this week?

X Mwah!
cheers all!
luv being able to shop and look better in things x

Bets,the jacket is wicked on.goes lush with my new boots and grey jeans.i want the brown one too!
got a new top and boots in new look too.just a tshirt type top to wear under it.another pair of heels on the boots!

i posted my inches on sunday i think.
i lost 5 this week.29 total.
will do them every sunday to see how i'm going.

hit my 2 stone today and my 3 stone overall total.

also booked that spa treat i wanted.going 19th december and managing to stay overnight too.can't wait!
going with my 5 mates i've known since nursery school.
gonna be pampered and have some delish grub.

got the info about refeeding today to make sure i'm prepared.
gonna start the first wednesday in december for 2 weeks then do red days at slimming world(i think).
Ooooh shopping, shopping, shopping my favourite thing! I am so used to feeding my addiction by buying clothes for the girls as there's only so much Evans 'trendy' stuff you can buy :rolleyes: They're going to be a tad angry when I stop shopping for them and start shopping for myself Mwhahahaha! Such a bad Mother.

I knew that jacket would look great on (so want one now, maybe Christmas) Are they skinny jeans? If I was your height I would never be out of heels (even though they kill me feet and I walk like a duck in them)

I wasn't online on Sunday so missed your :queen: Inch loss post but that is absolutely amazing sweetie. I still can't believe your losses! You'll be needing to buy another wardrobe, or even add on an extra dressing room!

A spa is the perfect treat! You so deserve it! You'll all have a fabulous time. I'm not refeeding for Christmas. I'm continuing until I reach goal, God knows when that will be!

I'm on bed rest for a day :rolleyes: Docs orders, so I'm a tad bored. I had a pair of glittery jeans I bought a few years ago, size 22, they never fitted but I liked them. I keep them in a wardrobe always thinking they'll fit one day, so I tried them this morning and they fit (bit loose around the waist) So i did a little happy banana dance :banana dancer: Thought I'd share that with you.

wow hun!
fab news about the jeans.
you'll be living in them,just coz you can lol x

not brave enough for skinny jeans yet.my thighs still look like tree trunks.
one day though!

i did the same thing with the clothes.
Charys has taken over 3 wardrobes.i buy her the stuff i'd like to wear.
couldn't resist it.
come to think of it i haven't got her anything new in a few weeks so she may end up in rags while i walk around like a princess lol x

hope ya get better soon x
Keep on the vibro and those thighs will be firm and able to crack walnuts in no time at all! (Hmmm that sounded a tad rude) Wearing the heels will skinny the thighs out a bit. I bet they're not like tree trunks at all, we always have a distorted vision of ourselves and expect too much, when really we're fine.

Are you getting any admiring glances? I've had a a few! In the school playground of all places!

Hahaha your just like me! I buy them all the clothes I'd love to wear! Poooor kids, from riches to rags all because of LT!

I'm fine! My period came yesterday and it is hurting me more than than bacteria, virus thingy. The pain of it is overpowering the virus, bring back the virus pain please!

Well done on your loss that's great!! :)

Know what you mean about the skinny jeans! My thighs are massive!! Haha. I very much want a leather jacket; am on the look out, but really need to get a fake one as I'm a veggie. Glad to see your enjoying your shopping & the fruits of your labour ;-)

Hannah,mine is fake hun.i wouldn't wear a real one.

Bets had a few looks now.mainly by old men but it's all appreciated lol x
funny you should say the playground thing.
i got asked out for a drink the other week by one of the dads at charys' school.HE'S MARRIED!!!
sent me emails asking too.he's such a creep and i'm not flattered one bit!

can't wait to be asked out by some 6ft 4 strapping lad now.i'm gonna dream of the day lol x
Dirty bugger! That's vile, he needs bad luck! I can't stand people like that. I see them staring and think to myself 'Your poor spouse!' You're right, he's a creep and not worthy of your attention. Although haha at him thinking he even stands a chance of you entertaining him, silly sod.

Aww bless the old geezers, they're kind of cute. My hubby always tells me when they're staring at me bosoms, he gets annoyed but it makes me chuckle!

Once you're hitting that town looking like Elle McPherson they'll be knocking each other over to get at you! You'll have the pick of the bunch, just you wait and see!

well done hun :D


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fabby loss taff :) you are bang on average :D xx

Well done tafflass!!! brilll....... keep up the good work!

I bought one of them jackets too.. it was a bit tight on me when I bought it.. but I'll be able to be put wolly jumpers under it soon!
hey Taffy that's brilliant!!!

Well done you!!

Glad you treated yourself- bet you're looking gorge-ass in your new clothes on your new skinnified self!!!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Taff, well done on hitting your 2 stone target. Glad you have celebrated in style. You'll be a star in the spa come december.

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