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Week 7 Weigh In


Wants it Gone!
Well I had my weigh in yesterday and I was told that I went up 2lbs.. Im not bothered because of different factors:
- I was wearing different clothes to what I normally would wear
- I went a day earlier because Im off work studying at the moment
- Ive been a bit :sick0019: for the last couple of days

I'll make it all up next week :D
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Fantastic attitude. You certainly will not have gained fat. The scales will catch up next week hun.xxxxxxxxxx


Silver Member
Like Shaz said, thats a great way of approaching it. I know its a bit disappointing but too many people get obsessive over putting the tiniest amount of weight back on! Like you say...you know full well you'll be able to drop it again by last week! :D At least it was 2lb on for circumstances you couldnt help and not through eating :) xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Thats the way to see it...i went up 3lbs a few weeks ago totm month dif clothes ...but the next week lost 5lbs ....so roll on next week for you hunni xxxxx
OH ans senekot or ducolax babe....get it moving hehe


Wants it Gone!
thanks everyone for those words not too bothered will show those scales whose boss!! he he he

I ran out of senokat that why Im all bunged up.. going to chemist now to stock up!:D


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Good Attitude! I only discovered senecott this week and my god they are fab! I am having normal poos!!!!! Yipee!!!! But do you take them every day????? I would love to but taking every 2nd day at the moment.
Great attitude..I was up myself a couple of weeks ago, really surprised me, but best to just get on with it. Will defo show on scales next week. Good Luck


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Oooh Lumpy that was great to read hun! I love positivity, it you havent cheated then you are in ketosis and have to burn fat no matter what the scales say! You go girl xxxx
Hey Lumpypoo, try Dulcolax its much better than Senakot, 2 before bed and next morning well it was a weight off my mind x


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Hey Lumpypoo, try Dulcolax its much better than Senakot, 2 before bed and next morning well it was a weight off my mind x
I always knew mens minds were in their butts!!!:p
thanks everyone for your kind words and tips aswell Im so thrilled with all your support xxx
ducolax will do it I promise ya!!well done love as you said factors come into the weighing process all the time ,and that happens ,you go girl!!!you're doin great#!

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