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Week 8 & 9 WI

sup people

aint been around for a while for reasons which are kindof obvious :p ... uni work ¬_¬

but just to keep everyone up to date im taking 10-20 minutes out :p

right down to he nitty gritty...

Week8 WI!

Last week I had a loss of 3lb, which was a nice change having a littler loss than what I've had before - wasnt really shocked as I didnt drink as much water (which made me feel a little light headed)

but oh well, onwards and upwards... :p

Week9 WI!!!

So....now for todays weighin...right...well, day started off really good, got to uni, finished my website, got chatting to some people, got a number...ON A WINNER - got home early (shocking as the lass who gets a lift with us, takes ages...doing nothing ¬_¬ ... pfft women)

anyway, I get changed into my LT gear and walk over the road, loving the day I had...


it just gets better and better - I had a total loss this week of 7lb

= 4stone loss in 9weeks, it still amazes' me that i've lost it so fast and feel fine, would definatly recommend it to anyone (y)

while I was over there I also made the choice to go onto the Refeed plan...which took me a week to mull over (decided to do the refeed - go onto the maintenance, then goto the gym .. when I hae the cash :p)

so tomorow, I start the refeed with -

Morning : Summer Fruits Drink (OMG DIFFERANT FLAVOURS!!!)

Dinner : Cream of Vegetable Soup (sounds so tasty!!!)

Tea : Tuna in Brine with a bowl of Salad and Lemon juice dressing

Im so excited...its like christmas has come early...

also - she gave me some fibreclear...and didnt say what for...although it was kinda obvious

Im out :D

cya around
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:wow::talk017:you have done so well,well done!!! good luck with your refeed,sounds lovely...4 stones though in just 9 weeks is amazing,bet you feel great!!! all ready for x,mas :xmastree::smiley1842:i'm so pleased for you...Caz xx
well done mike, now all we have to see is the pics;). Gud luck on maintenance, ya have done fantastic, all the best with the rest of your journey, take care
Fantastic Mikey!! Good luck with the refeed.
Fantastic achievement Mike you should be really proud of yourself and you are also a true inspiration for us all.
thanks, yeah i am kinda proud of myself :)
true inspiration...wouldnt say that :eek:

4 stones though in just 9 weeks is amazing,bet you feel great!!! all ready for x,mas i'm so pleased for you...Caz xx
hehe thankyou ... yeah the bloke at the pharmacy said he was gonna get in touch with the chaps at lipotrim about summat...
yeah - xmas is the main reason i'm coming off now...to get my stomach used to the food/alcohol once again :p hehe

well done mike, now all we have to see is the pics
thanks :D
you gonna take a photo again tomorow then upload them methinks ... I stopped taking the weekly pictures...but i've got the start/finish ones

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