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Week 8! Ain't it great!!

I am going to make rhymes of my weigh threads from now on! :D

A very happy and unexpected surprise tonight!

I have 4.8 pounds less of me tonight!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I am 2 pounds away from being the lightest i have been in 7 years, since moving to the UK, and god knows how long before that - Hadn't been near a scale for about 3 years prior to coming here!!!

And I am now a breath away from having the number of pounds left to lose being only 2 digits, and 4 pounds away form 3 stone!!

I have beat the 2-stone curse!!! By 10 pounds! At last.

Got three nice compliments from people at work - at last!!! My old manager asked me if I had been splashing out on a new wardrobe and commented on how nice I have been looking.! I liked that she did not say "Have you lost weight!!!!????" - I liked that she said I looked nice. :)

I feel really good. Really happy. And really content. I really do genuinely feel in my heart that I really am going to knock this thing on its head. At long last.

Thanks EVERYONE for all the support and laughs and tears along the way. This is a great ride, and you all are part of that reason too you know....not just the weight loss.....:)

Can I just say, Minimin Members ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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Fantastic, well done you!
Thanks everyone! I still can't believe this diet!! I really can't. Just feel so happy. :D

Glad it is going good for you too Donna! Katie here is also in the same week and should be in anytime with her good news, if she was well enough to go in tonight. (Hope so Katie!)

Anyway, thanks a lot ladies. :)
:wow: - brilliant news --- and that's just about your weigh in for this week.... the bit of your post re the comments from your old boss, the way your feeling and the goals your hitting are just off scale!

I am sooooooo happy for you :D xx

I made it to class and I'm glad I did as though I physically feel yuck mentally I feel great as I've lost 4lb this week taking me to a 37lb loss - made up!
Aw, Katie, good on ya for going tonight! I knew you would, but knew you would probably have rathered to snuggle up on the couch or soak in a hot tub!! So 4 pounds!! That's another big slide on your ticker!!! Fantastic result!!!

And you are right! I do feel so positive - its a pretty new feeling for me, so sometimes I think people must read this and thing, 'oh my god, she'd gushing again',:rotflmao: :D, which i also a new thing for me! I really am quite level headed and not coming uncorked all the time!! LOL Thanks all for tolerating me while I play wiht happy thoughts for a change!!! :D

I told the LLC I thought I must be doing something wrong, cause I am feeling so happy and I expected to be depressed through all of this!! lol

Anyway, thanks everyone and again Katie - well done on you loss!!!

Nope, you gush gush and gush some more --- I do know exactly how you feel (well apart from me tummy). I've never felt better or happier in years than I do now, I can feel me and it feels great :D .... and the best of it is the more I feel it the more I feel it LOL
Cheers Tracey & Bex - I'm really happy with it .... love the way I'm disappearing LOL

Only thing is I've lost my ticker tonight - one minute it was there and the next gone .... not having a good techie night.

So pleased for you Hon, really well deserved, you stuck in there and inspired many.



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