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Week 8 and craving


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I started my 8th week yesterday and up until now found it easier than i ever thought, but yesterday and today i've had terrible cravings for food especially toast or biscuits and i'm having to really battle them. So far i have stuck to this diet 100% and i really want to see it through but this has really hit me hard. I know i wont give in (hopefully) and hope those food thoughts soon pass. How does everyone else cope after being on CD for a while.
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battle them, please don't give in!!! I stuck to it religiously for about the same time as you and then when we were away I let a bit of lack of planning put me off and I ate for the day, Its taken me nearly 2 months to get back to pure ss ing. I kept doing a few days and then having a little pick. and its SOOOOO much harder to get going again, so please do what you must to avoid giving in.

Maybe a new top in a smaller size or a non food treat for resisting?
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I am just coming to the end of week 8 and I still have the most awful cravings.I knowI'm not hungry,but I just fancy food.
I try all the usual things,focus on how much I've lost and how much self hate I would have if I eat,Come on here for an hour,drink more water or treat myself to a coke zero and eventually I get through it.
Deep down inside me I know I'm not going to give in yet,but I try to keep as a safety net that when the time is right I could go to 790 and would still lose very successfully and I think knowing that if I really had to eat,I could just cook some fish and vegetables and I wouldn't be a failure helps me


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S: 19st10lb G: 14st0lb
Thanks so much it really helps knowing others feel the same at this stage of the diet. Gosh you've all had wicked losses too. I will keep going and i'm sure it will pass but BIG THANKS for your support x x
I used to take a step back and think, its not my stomach that wants food its my mouth, and putting food in either would be bad for my brain!!!!

daft I know, but it worked for me x
I am at the same sort of stage on the diet. As has been said dont trip yourself up and look where you are going and where you have come from. A fall in the street can cause bruising/cuts etc and all take time to heal; the same goes for straying from your diet.
Do you need to increase your water intake a tad perhaps? Are you approaching your TOTM by chance? Have you a little project that might take your mind off the cravings? Phone a friend/mum and distract yourself until the moment passes. Stay out of the kitchen/leave the room when Ads come on TV. Come on line and reaffirm your commitment to your change in food intake with hearing from us and helping us with your valid comments - I think personally that this is very therapeutic and it keeps your mind and your fingers occupied as well. Every time I have issues with my thoughts I do this and it really works for me/ to be amongst like minded people who share the same goals/life experiences/frustrations and the like.
I had the exact same thing...and I caved. I was so disappointed in myself, and the food didn't even taste good. My boyfriend, bless him, tried to get me to think of it as a 'treat' but I refused...that implies I did something good. If you can, just get your head down and think about buying lovely small sized clothes (I bought myself some gorgeous size 14 underwear, which sit on the chair next to my bed to remind me) but if you do cave, don't beat yourself up about it, just get back up, dust yourself off and learn from it :)
Hi megmax,
I am unsure, but best of luck in reaching your goal, your doing GREAT thus far!!!


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I'm on week 8 too & this week has been harder for some reason. I do feel hungrier but I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize. I feel really chuffed about my losses so far but I suppose it's cos my goal still seems quite far off yet I feels like I have been on cd for ever. I miss my food but I'm telling myself that it's not long till AAMW & by the time it comes around again I'll really appreciate the food but I still have lost weight. Keep your chin up we can do this!

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