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week 8 struggles - please help me to get back on track!!!

I am on week 8 now and have lost over 1 and half stone in the last 8 weeks. I am about half a stone from my initial goal.

It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I took an evening off and since then I managed to get back on track and lost 1.5lbs in my last weigh in. However, this weekend has been terrible and I am really struggling. I need to get back to the 3lbs losses I was having (albeit every other week). Some of you will recall that I posted about only losing every other week (this pattern has been throughout my CD journey and I am fine with it) but my losses are so low and this makes me nibble stuff and I am so close to my initial target that I really feel I will not get there now. I would love to hear from anyone who has had a feeling that they cannot seem to lose and I feel caught in a cycle whereby my losses slow so I stick to CD less and then I lose less. This week my CD is going to the conference so I have no weigh in on sat but I still want to lose. I am determined to stick to ss 100% this week – can I do it?

Also, I feel like I keep self-sabotaging as I am near my first goal. My final goal is one stone from my initial goal and if I don’t get there I won’t be too disappointed but I want to hit my initial goal and its so close but so far at the same time. I am solely to blame for my poor losses and I feel like I am pouring money down the pan but I refuse to give up (to be honest I am too scared to give up). Please talk me into sticking to CD and help. I want to be one of the great girls/guys on here who has had a few weeks of blips and posted about getting back on track and having a good loss!!!!!
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Sounds like my world. Good days and bad ones...You've got to just keep at it, focus on how much better you must be feeling and how you will feel when that goal is achieved. We are all our own worst enemy's, I have a problem with drinking and that's why it's taking me longer, but I'm still happy with the losses so far, and know I will reach the end of my journey and I will feel better for it. Come on, have a glass of water and look forward to all of your new goals.
Good luck
i seem to get lots of viewings but no replies - i know people are busy but any advice/ encouragement would help!
I'm not too busy. Come on, you're so near to that first goal and I know you really want to be there, just think how you'd feel if you gave up now when your sooooo close. Keep going, I'm sure tonight when everyone's back from work you'll get some help and really good advise. They don't normally disapoint round here..
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Dont' give up. Look how far you have come hun. Stick with it. xx
They're all right, a stone and a half.....WOW is all I can say...You must feel better, I'm sure others feel you look better and I'm sure you can keep going. Use the weight you've lost so far as the incentive...I mean 42 packets of butter, I wouldn't want to carry that home from Sainsbury's....


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You have half a stone to go....so even with low losses if you stick to it 100% till Christmas you could be at that target - how fantastic would that feel?
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Hang in there! I know how you feel - i've found myself nibbling TODAY!!! Week 7! Start a clean slate tomorrow and you will get there!
aw - thanks everyone. feeling better today. put on a suit for work and its looser than it was a week ago so am sure i am losing inches. am back on the wagon and being on here is a massive help.

thank you to every single person who replied.
So pleased you are feeling more postitive today hunni.xxx

You can do it.xxx

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