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Week 8 Weigh In And I Start Eating Tomorrow


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I lost another 2.6lbs tonight, very pleased and proud of myself.

HAve got my new RtM books and am going to read them tomorrow as too much info to take in tonight.

I am nervous and excited and at this precise moment feel strong and confident that I can succeed and be strict and focused with the food I choose at the weekend as we are going away from Friday to Monday with friends and staying in a lovely country hotel.

I have achieved one of my goals which was to be off my medication, I no longer take metformin for my insulin resistance/Type II Diabetes and am shortly having a retest for my cholestrol and fingers crossed it will be low enough to come off my statins.

So lovely people, I shall continue posting updates.

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thankyou hun, I'm really proud of myself, never thought I would evert say that.

You are doing fantastically as well hun

Well done sis!


Back to the grindstone!!
Thanks Sun, I am on a bit of a platue(sorry about the spelling!) at the moment but I know it will come down eventually, just need to keep plodding on and hopefully by the start of the new year I will be joining the ranks of those on Management! I am looking forward to it!!!!!
Hard to believe that just over 3 months ago I was over 3 stone heavier!!! Why did no one say anything!! I must have looked a right sight!!! lol
Absolutely fantastic - well done Sun - you so deserve this.



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JDI, I have my first food tonight! which will be a salmon fillet. Yum.

I'll lt you know how it tastes xxx
What a great achievement to have come off your medication by losing all that weight! You should be very proud of yourself, enjoy your weekend away, you deserve it.


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Sue you weight loss is superb by looking at your join date of 5th sept, well done hun x


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I hated eating, I felt sick big and bloatery and wish I could stay on the packs forever
Sun - Thank you so much for the compliment, but... if only I could lose weight that quickly!!! I actually joined LL on August 6th I think September 5th was when I joined minimins. Still I'm pleased with my weight loss so far as it's the most successful I've ever been on one diet.

I'm so sorry to see that you didn't enjoy your meal, I'm do hope that food becomes more pleasurable for you soon, I'm sure it will. Sue xox


Serial Foodie!
WELL DONE! Its always great to hear about people reaching goal and having good losses but its REALLY wonderful to hear how much u have improved ur health. ur body will get used to the food very soon...and u r keeping focused on making sure the food is healthy so congrats. have a lovely weekend away xxxxxxxxxx


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thanks karen, good luck for your mini goals hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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