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...we're sinking deeper.
Indeed, that's the right attitude! It's all going in the right direction, so never fret. :) You will reach goal soon enough! After all; in the grand scheme of things - we are not in any hurry to reach goals... we have a whole lifetime ahead of us, a few weeks are insignificant.
Well done gasoline. it's slow but sure. you've had a good loss most weeks. i'm struggling - 1lb. one week then nothing, then another 1lb. and another. terribly slow, without cheating. what i can't understand is how the weight isn't coming off with such a low calorie count? hopefully i'll have lost 2lbs. by tomorrow. it's expensive for such a small weight loss. I'm drinking enough, no cheating - yet - very, very slow.


...we're sinking deeper.
I experienced the same thing for a couple of months on LL.
Two times I had about 4-6 weeks of consecutively 1 lb loss or STS. It was extremely frustrating, but one week it does just suddenly go and you will see a 3lb loss. I think maybe because on LLL there is food involved: the body is more likely to retain the weight as water?
So perhaps it'd be helpful to look at other measurements changing, the feel of clothes and actual inches around your bodies. :) Just a suggestion...
I do understand the expense (as this does work out more expensive than abstinence) but do stick with it... It does work!... even though for some people it takes quite a bit longer... :rolleyes:
thanks minerva. i'm sure you're correct. in fact, i do feel that clothes are slightly looser, and i feel a litte lighter - if that makes sense. i'm sticking to it, we'll see how it goes tomorrow night. the expense is concerning though!
Hi M. I notice you mention the cost in most of your posts. Just wondering how it compares on what you spent weekly on you food bill...not just groceries, but petrol stations, vending machines, pubs, etc. I thought LL was expensive at first untill I tallied up what went on food and bevvies during a week, and it was not as bad as I thought.... so maybe its not too much? :)
Thanks BL. I've been thinking about this too - you're quite right in some ways of course, there is hardly any food etc, and I'm certainly saving on the wine!! I still find it expensive though, I have to be honest. I expected to loose more than one pound a week. Still, I could't loose the weight without LLL, so I'm sticking with it for now. £50 a week is a lot for me however.

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