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week 9 WI (hanging head in shame )

Well i got to week 9wi but what a week had lots on friends birthday ect + time of month but there is no excuses i started picking then ate picked on ham and then ate some crackers got on the scales and i was lucky to stay the same but i am kicking myself not only have i wasted a week of the diet + £40 i have added another week to me getting to goal i was so down last night but i am determined to get back on nurse said i will be back in ketosis after a day so i am keeping busy today and Will be back on track warning to all dont start picking its the worst thing ever nurse was really supportive and said let this week go on get on with the diet so thats what i am doing think i will be on more for support as i did my best when i came on here x x
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At least you didn't gain! And you have realised that the worst thing to do is pick, so you've addressed the problem. Just don't do it again! Good luck getting back on track =)


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear this Kelly!

Use this mistake to learn and dont let it happen again otherwise its a slippery slope and you will only make it harder for yourself to get back into the swing of things!!

Good luck getting back in to ketosis xxxxx


Positivity is the key
Hi Jonsey,
sorry that you felt the picking monster kick in, but glad you didn't gain. Good advice from the nurse. Put it behind you, learn from it, why it happened what can you do in the future to stop feeling like that and get back on the LT train. Thanks for posting, it helps to know that people feel there are tough times but that you can still carry on and one mistake doesn't have to herald the end of the diet.
Best of luck for next week.
Come on the forum as often as possible and get the support you need


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Jonsey

It was the best thing that happened to me on Wk3/4 when I had a blip!! WHY! Because it gave me a jolt and made me realise I could backtrack and lose the control that I was learning to have.

I got up the next day, with so much fire in my belly that it has taken me to today!

So, I think you will be fine and it was a lesson learnt and I am sure you will put it into good use!

What is done is done...forget it, but keep that feeling of annoyance bottled up,,,,so that you can recall it in the future IF you ever get the urge again.

Doing well girl!!!!! Keep going.
A new day, A new start x Glad u didn`t gain :)
OK - let's take a positive from this. Two positives in fact:
1) you didn't gain!
2) you ate ham and crackers - now, considering that's a blip i'm pretty impressed you stopped short of anything more!! (my worry would be i'd then have more and more and not stop myself!)

You're obviously gutted, but you're moving on. Get on with the next week and you WILL lose :)

Keep going, you've done really well so far.
Ak woman -learn from your mistakes and move on. We're all human and bound for screw us but it's the carrying on that will get us there.
I, too, succumbed this week and feel disgusted with myself. We just need to learn from this and use it to make sure we don't let it happen again.

I'm so jealous of you, I am an inch shorter with a lower BMI and I can't get into my size 14's!!!!!! Well not doing them up, I carry all my weight round my stomach!!!!!


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