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week off other diets?


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I tried carb-free (pig2twig). What a pain in the butt THAT was.
No more quick fixes for me!! Esp now I've finally got my head round EE.


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Never done any other diet and i never would now i have started here. I think if you get stuck you have to just shake it up a bit.
Only thing i have done in the past is my own cutting back, which did work but when something bad happened i fell off the wagon easy and found it hard to get back on it.
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the reason i'm asking is cause I have tooth problems and can't eat or do I have the energy to cook so I thought just for a few days while i'm recoving I would go on slimfast cause its quick and easy none chewable and i need to keep my sugars up.
also I could do with kicking my weightloss into gear.


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Bleurgh to slimfast. I would make a nice soup and some smoothies :)


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I'm having two weeks off. After struggling for a couple of weeks and getting stressed about it, I just thought I would have 2 weeks off and eat what I would like, when I like but making the best choice out of what I have.

After this, I'll be straight back to it. :D
What about making a couple huge batches of soup so you can them for lunches, you could have porridge (heb) with soft fruit. Then you can have syn free yogs & that anyway.

Make the low syn jellies for the evening after havig dinner - you can make some pasta & sauce. If you over cook the pasta it will be ever so soft anyway.


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Yes- occasionally I have done WW for a week/few days and was fine.

When I work away from home sometimes SW is difficult as I am not in control of most of my meals- at lunch sometimes I just want to grab a quick sandwich and not fuss around about the no bread issue. I have done SW long enough to know that with lots of effort I can find food that is 'on-plan' but sometimes the effort is too much extra pressure when there is a subway shop next door.

WW is slightly more adaptable for these situations and I always lose if I stick to the points but I am always delighted to come back to SW again because of the freedom it allows me when I am in control of my meals (and I always feel hungrier on WW)

I don't think that getting precious over a diet is helpful- I really feel that the key to my own success is to adapt slightly to each situation. I am all for making life easy when there is an easier option for a particular circumstance. I understand that some die-hard SWs may not agree with this, but I do what works for me



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My worry would be after doing Slim Fast when you go back to normal eating you may put on. I've heard this happens a lot.

I agree with the others, make up batches of soup or try cooking some rice, chicken and veg in some stock till its really soft and mushy.... my aunt used to make this for me when I was little and ill but with loads of butter in! Its simple and real comfort food and the longer you cook it the softer it is. Hope you feel better soon hun xx
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I had major tooth/jaw problems for about 3 weeks after a fall off my bike and actually managed to stick to SW throughout all that. I found it hard to do EE because of chewing veg and hard fruit/fruit with seeds. So i did mainly green and red and ate loads of cottage cheese with pineapple (which i thought i hated before that !!!) pasta n sauce, yogurts, sardines and tuna .

I think tooth problems can make you feel rubbish so you need to do what works for you.

Sticking to SW and actually losing weight made me feel better when i was in a lot of pain.

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