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week ONE - weigh in

hi guys, i was a lil depressed today hence the reason why i didnt come online. with the tfr for a whole week i only managed to lose a total of 5 pounds. so i came home and ate 2 boiled eggs with croutons. its evening now but i feel like vomitting it all out. i havent eaten anything else. but why did i do this? im so lame:confused:
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Don't Worry Be Happy
its done forget it, tomorrow is another day get back on it and remember when you feel like eating again to pop on here for a chat, 5lb of fat 40 sausages is still a good lose, chin up, keep smiling and good luck:)


Eyes on the Prize!!
Hey 5lbs is still a good loss. I bet the boiled eggs didn't cheer you up when you felt like you hadn't lost as much as you had hoped. Feeding the emotion isn't the answer which is why you must have started this journey in the first place.

To keep me motivated I've been keeping the empty bottles of water and then filling them up with however much I've lost. 1 bottle of 1.5ltr of Highland Spring is about 3.5lbs and I know that even carrying one of those around with me all day would be tiring.

That's 5lbs closer to your goal. Your goal is now closer rather than far away. Take each day at a time and if you get through that day you should feel proud and aim to get through the next day. When you try to look too far ahead sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I still have two full months to go which feels like it is a very long time. But then again I've done 4 weeks so I try to think how well I have done rather than what I have to do.

Tomorrow is a new day. You are not alone in feeling this way or slipping off the LT train. It's human nature. Keep that in mind and begin again tomorrow. Come on here if you feel like eating and say it "out loud" sometimes just expressing yourself is enough and the people here are so supportive and understanding. You are not a failure you lost 5lbs!!!
aww wishful my buddy dont be down with 5 pounds. i was a bit grr about my first weight in cos i saw some people getting around a stone lose. but then i went and weighed stuff in my kitchen to the total of wat i had lost and nearly fell over. go get ur scales and pile on random stuff until it hits 5 pound u wont beleive wat it actually accounts for. i had bunches of bananas and all on the little scales i have ha do it it will make ya feel good
Hey 5 lb is still good I lost five the first week then second week I lost 8 lovely pounds so just stay positive and keep going it's the overall loss you want to concentrate on that's what will matter in the end you total loss on tfr! Don't feel too bad just get straight back on in the morning xx:)
Wishful, I was the same. I lost 7 week one and was happy and only 3 last week which was depressing. You look at others results and see massive loses in week 1 and 2 but do you know what.

I have seen it mentioned a few times on here and its through - it doesnt matter what you lose week to week, this diet cannot fail. Stick with it and you WILL get your goal :

As for the slip up forget it start again!

Good Luck, Nel
I think the people who've replied to your thread have given you amazing advice! I seconded it, and i'll also be taking their advice myself :)

Take care, and good luck! <3
guys i really appreciate ure encouragemnt and support..words cant express. ive started doing regular gym, would that affect me? im just hoping the next one will help. yeah it is hard carrying the bottle of water around. thats exactly what i do too! 2 weeks and 5 days left. im gonna do this. just hoping i get a better result next week. fingers crossed x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Just want to second everything said so far. We can get carried away reading some of the fab results of others and then expect do as well ourselves. The fact remains that TFR will average at about a stone a month. Some will do better and some will lose a little less. No other diet other than a TFR one will give such results. IF you stick 100% to TFR you will lose weight over the weeks.
Stay strong and keep up your water intake. Do not over exercise while on TFR or you may push your body into starvation mode where it will hold onto its energy.
Lots of luck

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