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Week three maintenance and I hit goal!


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Wow well after maintainingg and losing a measly 0.5lbs last week, I was shocked to find that I have lost 3lbs this week! Yay I am at goal and plan to stay within 4lbs of this weight for the rest of my life!!!! This low fat lark obviously works!!!!:talk017::banana dancer:
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Well done!!!!

Amazing Rach :D:D. You so deserve to get to goal . You have done fantastic and really inspired me to keep going .


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Amazing Rach :D:D. You so deserve to get to goal . You have done fantastic and really inspired me to keep going .
Thanks MW! Strange though I never thought I'd actually get here by 'eating food' if that makes sense! lol! And I'm here and feel a strange sort of anti climax, almost like 'where now??' Has anyone else felt like this? I suppose you get used to the buzz of a loss each week and then you don't get it anymore! Anyway I am really pleased just have to keep it in my mind not to think i can eat whatever I want now I'm at goal, as that is what I have done before and thats why I've been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life. No More! I WILL maintain! x
Thats the spirit rach. !!! (I feel like that too no more YO_YO!!!)I know the feeling of What now?. you are talking about . Because I had to stop LT before getting to goal There was a certain anti-climax but I am determined to control my weight now with healthy eating and that has given me a new GOAL as such !!!!!


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Congratulations on reaching goal Rach, well done girl.

Its a rest of your life thing now, sensible eating, healthy choices, treats in moderation, you will be great. Well done again, great feeling.


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:grouphugg: Thankyou Mary and MW just sending you hugs to say thanks! i really couldnt have done it without you lot! x


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ahhhhhhhh reachie fantastic!! well done :D

:banana dancer:


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That's fantastic Rach. Very heartening for those of us about to start 'eating' again too!! Well done! xx


Here we go again!
Well done Rach, you should be over the moon! Like Jan said, for us about to start refeeding and maintenance it really does encourage us that it can be done. Good for you, you've done so well on this!


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol Rach! well done chick :)

We had similar refeed losses :p


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Thanks all!!! x x x
Hi Rachel, well done! Looks as though you have definately got your head around this low-fat, healthy eating lark...for good! :bunnydance:

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