Weekend Away Achievement


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Hi all,

Well we just got back from our weekend away with OH's parents. I am VERY proud of myself!
This weekend i have resisted:
Full english breakfast x 2 (sat + sun morning)orange juice, fresh fruit, banana bread, hot cross buns.
Smoked salmon and cream cheese sarnies
Fish and chips!
And OH's parents offering me food!

Through every meal i sat there with my water and shake. I also walked 4 miles yesterday! feet are abit sore but i really feel like i have achieved something.

Sorry if this sounds like bragging. I am just really proud and think maybe it might help inspire people.

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Shout it loud and proud you should be extremely chuffed with yourself, well done!



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That is brilliant! Well done you. With that kind of willpower and determination you will succeed!


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Brilliant achievement Buns, very well done :) You deserve to be very proud of yourself for that.

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Well done! I would be shouting it from the rooftops:D


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Wow! Well done! Great achievement indeed :) Great choice to stick with it rather than give in to temptation. I hope the family was supportive (even if they did offer you food! lol)