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Weekend Confessional...


Always comes back to MMs!
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2 pints of lager, 2 glasses of wine, a chinese (although I diddnt enjoy it and only ate half)... some french bread and cheese on Sunday...

Come on peeps, join me in confessing your sins (no pun intended) over the weekend!!

100% day coming up today!
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glad its not just me!!!

Sat I was good food wise, but then went out and had (I dont remember how many) brandies!! I was that drunk, I am sure I kept forgetting to ask for "diet" coke :(

Then y.day because I was ill, I drank 2 cartons of PURE ORANGE JUICE :( because that usually sorts my hangover out, nop brekkie, or dinner, then ate a bit of sunday dinner....roasties included :(

Back on it today though. Not gonna dwell on it!! xx


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Haven't really done anything bad though I only ate lightly yesterday which nearly led to bad things. Just wanted to say I love that dress in your avatar! Where is it from?


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All not synned!

Friday night: 1 rum and diet coke, 1 bottle of champagne (yes, to myself!), 2 creamy vodka shots, 2 random cocktails.

Saturday: Hot chocolate, Cadbury's Caramel, chicken saag and pilau rice

Sunday: Bottle of beer, chicken teriyaki, katsu pork, chicken and chilli dish.


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I've been really naughty this weekend, chinese take away on friday night, Pizza Express on Saturday and a huge roast dinner on Sunday...
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I've also had a really bad weekend totted up my syns this morning 226..............
Saturday had a nice long lie in which was great but once i got up it all went a bit pearshaped - 2 slices of white toast with cheese spead, then straight to the pub for 1pm started off really well and had 4 diet cokes. Then a ham and mushroom pizza followed by 7 pints of lager several bags of crisps. Back to my best friends house 2 glasses of wine and another pizza
Sunday: 3 weetabix and semi milk had every intention of being good. I have even made a syn free curry in my slow cooker. However OH had brough tortilla wraps to have the curry in and i ate 3 of them at 11 syns each.

Will be drawing a big line under weekend and try to be good for the rest of the week. I seem to manage being good Monday to friday no problem then go off the rails at the weekends.


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Where shall I start? It was my birthday last Wednesday and while I was good that day, since then I've had countless syns. However, I had planned to let go and enjoy myself, not only because it was my birthday, but also because I had been doing SW for a year and lost 3 stone 1lb.

So Thursday night out for a meal with my friends. Ate a three course meal and two thirds of a bottle of wine. Friday off up to the Lake District for a weekend with my husband. On plan during the day but out for a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, cappucino and cointreau. Next morning full english cooked breakfast followed by a four hour walk which included lots of cakes and chocolate. In the evening, another meal out with lots to eat and drink. The next day, full english breakfast followed by a 6 hour walk with lots of naughty things to snack on. Back home in the evening and finished off some of the naughty snacks left over.

Now I'm back 100%. I'm dreading my WI on Wednesday but I know that if I'm good I will soon lose my gain. However, I've had a brilliant weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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ok mine started on friday! handfull of japanese rice crackers syn value unknown!!

slice of birthday cake syns unknown!

Prawn crackers, chilli Tofu and noodles with veg - Syns Unknown

unmeasurable amounts of chocolate!! but u know what its fine! i enjoyed it!!!
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well had archers and lemonade at weekend twice, a wrap with low fat cream cheese in sat i had a scoop of ice cream with some strawberries. and this morning a bagel (13 syns) thats the only thing over weekend i synned
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Crackerjack prawn dippers and a few spoonfuls of ice cream at Harvester on Saturday (daughters birthday lunch), but no dinner.

3 slices of garlic bread, slice of cake, slice of chocolate cheesecake and lots of cocktail sausages on Sunday (daughters birthday parties)


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ok, this is the first time since i've been doing SW that i've gone off plan!

Saturday was so busy that by 6pm i'd only eaten a banana and an apple all day!! so when we went for dinner i had steak (cooked in butter!) with a jacket pot (no butter) and veggies. 2 glasses of champagne.

then i ate about 20 milkybar mini eggs (1.5 syns for two, so that's 30 syns! gulp!!) and then i had some stilton with biscuits. and a small glass of sauvingon.

can't change it now, so being very good now!
i can honestly say this weekend ive been 100% on plan - though usually i go mad and eat the worst stuff out there (i did the previous weekend - had about 100 syns!!! mmm vodka and curry!)

Sorry to polish my halo on this thread - im sure i will be back to normal next weekend and be able to confess again ;) xxx
Ok, if everyone else is confessing I will too...

Friday morning a cooked breakfast from a pub, 11am went to the Bristol Beer Festival and drank ale until 4pm, had a pasty for lunch. Left the Beer Festival and went to the pub for a few more and then went home for an Indian takeaway.

Oh dear lord... weigh in is in 1 hour... this is not going to be good!
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Right peeps Confession Time, Im glad im not the only 1!!

Was reasonably good Mon - Fri, Saturday I had Fish & Chips with 3 sachets of TarTar Sauce:eek: from Asda Cafe for lunch, then I found the custard creams later on in the evening (nearly ate 1/2 packet).

Sunday: started off well then hubby decided to get take away for tea so chinese was on the menu (6 chicken balls in batter, sweet & Sour Sauce & Prawn Crackers (lots)

Now Today its my son's birthday - so guess what were doing!! yep going to Frankie & Benny's for tea so my meal will start with Pizza style garlic bread, Spag bol, a pudding (as I cannot resist) and possibly Birthday cake which will be sitting around the house for a few days and calling me !:break_diet:

I will draw a line under the last few days and start a new day on Tuesday, fingers crossed :p

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
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I'll join in!!!

My weekend started friday:

mcdonalds breakfast
Subway for lunch
Indian for dinner

Skipped breakfast
Prawn baguette for lunch,
Creamy tomato risotto for dinner
Malteasers as a snack (whole bag!)
Pizza for supper!!

Crossiants and muffins for breakfast
2 pre packed sanswiches for lunch
Chinese takeaway for dinner

Had a few alcoholic drinks over the weekend too....

Weighed this morning and lost 2lbs!!!
gosh,you lot sound like saints.ive been really bad since last wednesday.well i was good till wed tea time and had 2 proper chip butties with proper bread and butter then went to cinema on the way stopped at mc donalds,then at the cinema had minstrels,peanuts fizzy cola laces ,starwberry laces,popcorn ooh the list is endless.
thurs started well then ended up at mc donalds AGAIN and had quarter pounder with chhese 1/2 apple pie and coke then the rest of the day was also baaaaddd.fri went out for tea for my sons birthday had beer battered fish and chips and birthday cake, latte then finished off alll the sweets from cinema on wed.sat son had party at kidsworld had 3 hot chocolates and a large cookie and on way home had another mc donalds(o the shame of it all)and even worse for my tea had a chinese takeaway chicken curry,noodles ,egg fried rice,chips and prawn crackers.

not too good saturday night up every hour being sick.punishment for eating so badly i expect ha ha

sun was in bed all day but did manage a bit of weight watchers thick toast with a little flora el.

today i have been an absolute angel,written it all down and everything.gonna forget the last couple of days and start again today.i weighed this morning and ive put on 3lb in a couple of days.so for me not gonna be such a little piggy in the future...well might have a few treat days.........

top that its bad isnt it

not weighing this week now gonna weigh next fri so it will fell like ive had a huge loss....fingers crossed


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i had a really busy day at work on saturday (waitrose) and ended up at the pattiserrie buying a chocolate brownie cake when i finished. Which led me to the pizza aise, where i got a massive chicago town, dough balls and garlic bread. Then finished it all off with half an easter egg and a creme egg. OOPS!!


Always comes back to MMs!
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He he I love this thread!!! Good to get it all out and then we can all get back to normal!!

Is it bad that everything you've confessed too sounds yummy though....!!

Well done to all for 'fessing up. I had a good day on plan yesterday so back on track.

(ps dress on my avatar... not sure if its real, I just whacked 'polka dot prom dress' into google images)


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Well where do I start! Friday I had 2 big bags minstrels and doritos and hummous. Sat it was dolly mixtures chocolate crisps dips. Sunday it was chicken and mayo baguette with more minstrels. I blame Tesco myself as they were only £1 for a big bag. Oh and the other half as he was the one that had to buy 6 bags!!


Always comes back to MMs!
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Is it bad that Im dreaming of Easter Eggs....

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