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  1. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    I was sat last night thinkin of the reason i eat, and it covered just about everything, sad, happy, bored, jus cos i like it, cos its there, cos others ar eating it, as a reward and because its the weeked

    now its the last one i need to work on more, i was doing fine all week till friday night when i had my blip and then al day yesterday i was going to quit (but didnt :D)

    at the min i am currently looking for a full time office job, mon -fri 9-5 but i am now seriosuly considering finding an extra weekend job in order to help me having such time to think about food, just untl i have lost quite a lot of te weight i need to loose, would this be a good or bad idea?

    anyone got any other ideas about what i can do to help with the weekend eating issue? i no i need to distract myself but am not sure how

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  3. peachy1982

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    Hi Stacey,
    This is my first weekend on SS and I have struggled terribly, I see food everywhere so if getting a part time job helps then i might think about it too.
    Looking forward to seeing other peoples replies
  4. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I think it depends which part of the weekend it is that bothers you and makes you want to eat more as to whether getting a pt job then would help - and you can only work so much ... you can't do 48hr shifts to wipe the weekend out completely :) If it's when you're out socialising with mates then the job's not going to help as you're still going to go out at times and be fighting the chatterbox in your head. If it's just the boredom of not working at the weekend then the job would help. Other ways to distract you could be to join a walking group (or walk alone), go swimming, start a hobby that interests you and you'll soon find that the hours whizz by.

    Good luck and stay strong.

  5. butterflyinprogress

    butterflyinprogress Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    So proud of you for not giving up......

  6. LEJ

    LEJ Full Member

    I know how you feel, i am now full time at home and this made my weight balloon, but over the last few weeks i have started a food diary, when i want to eat i reach for my book and write down what i want and why, this can take some time to do i also drink water while i write, 2 things that has happend since starting this book 1) the need to eat passes:eek: and most important 2) I am finding out why i want to eat :eek: and it has been an important part of my diet ao far, it has helped me to recognise lots of reasons for my eating habits and along with the forums and my lovely councillor i know i will never be fat again:p I wonder if keeping a food diary would help you over this struggling time, it could help. Take care and keep us posted.
  7. LEJ

    LEJ Full Member

    The first weekend is the hardest, so well done for getting there, it will become easier as the days fly by, stay strong you can do this, and just think of the healthier and slimmer summer you are going to have:D
  8. wannabslim

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    Hiya stace- is your uni library open on weekends? Cos you cant eat in there and it would give you a chance to get on with your work but it wouldnt be like at home when the fridge calls out mid-essay!! Thats what I have had to do this weekend to keep me away from the naughty stuff!! Maybe give it a go? xx
  9. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hi nikki

    thats fab advice :D and yes i do need to find a hobby everyone, gonna force my mam to start doing sum kinda walk and swimmin regime with me :D

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