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  1. natsxx23

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    I was having a conversation about the 49 points with my mate we both went to different ww and I'm now doing mine from home as I can't afford the meeting coz I'm on mat leave, anyways I've always been told even tho I haven't to use all my points. Don't use you loose, I was talking to my friend about adding the points on to 7 pp a day extra and she mentioned that she never used her 49 pp soooo my question is..

    Do you use all your pp and still loose or do you use your daily and avoid your 49pp?? I really wish I could go to meetings again but just can't :( hopefully I'll be able to do it on my own I go back to work in 8 weeks and need to loose abit of weight otherwise I'll have no confidence at all xx
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  3. Autumn500

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    It seems to be trial and error for people, after a while, from what I've seen here, people seem to figure out how many they can eat and still lose.me personally, I'm eating all of them, which may explain why my losses are so slow, but I'm not willing to give them up unless I stop losing altogether and plateau for a bit. I think if you never use them then when you plateau it will be harder to decrease anymore, whereas if you use them all and plateau, it's easier to eat less weeklies. If that makes sense! I think it really is a case of each to their own though
  4. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    I use what I need but I don't gorge just to use them up.
    I try avoid using any "earnt" by exercise. I only have weeklies if I'm really hungry and need them (this is rare) or I'm out and I can't avoid it. I don't splurge on weeklies though 2-3 days before weigh in day

    My losses are good and steady 2lb a week but have room to cut back a bit to give me a boost if I need it.

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