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Weekly syns


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I do mine daily, would end up having a few days syn free at the end for being too greedy early on.


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I try to do mine daily but if I don't fancy anything that day then I don't have any, I don't use them for the sake of it & if I have something big planned for a particular day then I do save them up all week & have none inbetween.
I do mine weekly. Some days I don't have any. The trick is to make sure that you don't purposely overeat extra free foods because you are having no syns.
I have my syns on a weekly basis & can have anywhere between 40-70 on one night. I divide the remaing syns by 6 & will usually have either one or two glasses of wine per night. But I don't make sure I use all my syns, I just go with how I feel. After my blow out on a saturday I wouldn't use the remaining syns on another blow out, phew:)


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It varies for me really - I think I almost always have at least some every day, I find it hard to have none at all!
this is interesting. this week i am going to attempt weekly syns, as i have three celebrations (Fri Sat and Sun) this weekend! i'm should be ok Friday because im driving, so no syns on alcohol (i'll have one vodka mind you!) and i will resist the buffet. Sat night we're going to an Italian restaurant so i'll go for a tomato based pasta dish with no cheese and i'll request no oil/butter. but i will have a couple of champagnes. Sunday i am out for my birthday, lunch and all day drinking. that's going to be the tricky one!!!

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