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Me and my partner are doing slimming world together, its easier than a lot of diets, but we like simple meals, and thus dont really go for fancy recipes, I get by with eating a lot of eggs, pasta n sauce, mullerlights, grapes, etc, but we been talking today about the big picture, and the future.

We can have a fudge or something else sweet, of similar size, daily, within syns, and still loose weight, but many here, and people we know have a saturday blow out day, and I was wondering should we have one? I know people cant make the choice for us, but we really believe it would help motivate us, the key though would be making sur eit stays to one time, and not fall off the binge wagon lol.

The reason I am here posting about this is, what do you guys do? would you take the whole day off? and eat whatever, all day? or would you stick to the plan all day, then in evening, have a small drink and some chocolate (if so how much?) I know people have metnioned takeaways etc, but we would rather have a bag of sweets lol
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when I did SW properly I used to take one day off plan (normally straight after WI) and eat whatever I wanted (normally a takeaway and some chocolate). The next day I got straight back on the SW plan again.

Becuase it was a PLANNED day off I found that getting back onto SW was easy but this is not for everyone.

I did have consistent losses.


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I can't take a day off. Whenever I have it has taken me weeks to get back on plan. That's just me though x


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to be honest i would rather a daily treat to a blow out as it takes me of track and then i tend to keep cheating xx
Like 30FlirtyGirl, I too also took a treat night after my weigh-in to eat anything I liked. Often it would be some sweets and chocolate when I watched the television, the next day of course I'd get right back on plan and again, like 30FlirtyGirl said - I had consistent losses.

So I think you should go for it. :)
I used to really look forward to after my weigh ins because of it.
Also - the chocolate tasted so much better!

Good luck.


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I know there are a lot of people who always have a treat after WI, a bit of a blow out if you like. Not only would I find it too hard to get back on plan afterwards, in my view you've got to get rid of the stuff you ate in the blow out before getting back doen to work on the 'old' weight. I'd say have the small treat every day and count as syns.


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I have to say that i love my life and also want to lose weight so ...
I tend to eat syn free as much as possible ..then perhaps at weekends go a little haywire ..but with the new ee plan it wont be so bad ..i use my syns over the weekend for drinks etc ..it suits me maybe not everyone but i still lose on average 2lb a week..well before christmas lol


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I don't have blow outs, as such... but if it's a weekend, I may have a take-away... but I try not to go too mad. If it's chinese, I'm quite happy to make it green day and have a chow mein... so I still get my treat, but don't really go off plan, or not much anyway. I might get a kebab, but go for the chicken one which at the place where I go, is lumps of chicken, not the shaved stuff, so it's quite lean, with lots of salad, and I won't normally eat all of the bread. I might pinch a few chips off my b/f though :)

So in my opinion, a carefully thought out treat is OK... but blow outs are a bit counter productive.