Weekly Weigh In Thread For All Members!


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Hi Guys,

I thought it might be a good idea to have a weekly weigh in thread for all of our members so that we can give encouragement to each other and for those who may be shy about posting and can join in on this.

You can also do your own weigh in thread for your personal records as well.

Love Mini xxx
fab idea mini :)

my first weigh-in is tomorrow so I will be here bright and early to report lol

fab idea mini :)

my first weigh-in is tomorrow so I will be here bright and early to report lol


Good luck Karen with your weigh in...very excited for you:)

Fingers crossed for a good one.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Karen

How has your first week been? Really keen to know what to expect

1st Weigh in!

I originally started CD in Spring this year and lost nearly 4 stone, however, I fell very heavily by the way side and put on nearly all that I had lost. It took me a long time to come back but I started last Wednesday and had my 1st weigh in last night and lost 8lbs!
I have decided no to go on too much about CD to anyone I know cos I let myself down so badly before and because I have so much to lose, I find it daunting to say the least.
I want to do it this time and make it through as I can't cope with being this size and this unfit/unwell anymore.
So....... I would appreciate any moral support I can get and will defnately do the same for everyone else!

Forgot to say that I have not found my first week too hard, but am dreading my work night out on Saturday!!

Good luck everyone!:p

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Well done Rachel, thats a fantastic loss you must be so pleased..

I am not starting until the 3rd of Jan but am now addicted to this site because of all the support and good wishes, it's truly inspiational when you take a look at all the success stories.

I am sure you will posting your positive results week after week.

Good luck
Tania xx:D
thanks mini and everyone.

well done rachel. you can do this! 4 stones is a lot and you can do it again and more! i notice we also have the same amount of weight we want to lose. will be keeping an eye on ur progress :)

I know what u mean about letting things slide. ive been on every diet known to man, always lose, then lose interest then gain lol.

tootsie, the first week is tough but it is well worth it. Its a mind thing cos the "meals" are lovely and so so much variety is great. I am enjoying it so far but its hard to resist eating. its the habit of eating thats tough about this diet. if u have the determination then this is the best diet for quick results. my skin feels fab as well.

best of luck tootsie and rachel xxxx
Hi Rachel,

8lbs. is brill well done.:D

I hope I do as well this week. I too am back on the wagon AGAIN!:eek:

Could not hold off any longer as the plot was slipping so back SSing and have three days done so far, I am now on my fourth.

Was fine on Monday and Tuesday and yesterday I suffered all day with widrawal symtoms and a thumping headache.

So far so good today...

I have not been SSing for a while and forgot what it was like...as D_Q said to me it is a bit like child birth you forget the pains other wise you might not attempt it again.:eek:

Counting from Monday last I have 19 weeks to fulfil a promise to my husband that I would wear my wedding suit on our 24th Wedding Anniversary, I made the promise as a birthday present to him and to give myself motivation to finish this weight loss journey.

So my weigh in will be next Monday.

Well done for getting back on the wagon, it is never easy...

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Tootsie, Karen & Mini for your support! BTW, sorry if I take a while to respond etc but I am at work and trying to look busy!!!:rolleyes:
I'm sure we can do it together, people seem to do better when they have other people to talk with about this, sad to say but my OH isn't really as supportive as I would like him to be although he does try, he made homemade chips the other day and sat in front of me eating them, in the living room!! I have asked him if he and the kids can eat before I get home for the next week or so until I stop feeling deprived etc!! Hopefully it'll work!

Any ideas for how to cope Saturday night? I know I can deal with not SS'ing at Xmas as we'll be at home and I'll be in control of it. But this is my first work do meal with this company as I only joined in September and I'm just worried as to how it will look if I dont eat even the turkey as the meal has been paid for and I cant not go as its a small company and everyone is going. I'm thinking I can just say I have a dodgy belly on the day and wont be able to eat?
Ah well, we'll see!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
people wont notice as much as you think so it would be easy to get around the works meal. People will be too focused on the booze and their own plates!

Mini thats a lovely goal you have. you've done great in the past and am sure you can do it again in the timeframe you want to :) and its another recent (re)starter too! I feel better now! lots of people on the same run of the ladder as me.

i should have mentioned before that although ive done loadsa diets, have never done CD before. im the kind of girl who needs instant results so finally think ive found my perfect diet lol
Hi Rachel,

What Karen says is true most people are more inteested on what is on their plate and the availability of booze!

You can either use the tummy upset or just tell it as it is...I have found everyone very good about it and actually facinated that I don't eat food and they want to know more.

Lavender started a food dump thread which is great if someting is annoying you and you can go there and dump it.

I would tell the waiters or the whoever is in charge that you are not eating and to bring you a coffee/tea/sparkling water instead.

I am sure you will figure a way around it.

Let me know how you get on.

By the way the other day when FFnF lost 9.6lbs canireallydothis said that was the exact weight of her baby!!!

I never thought of it like that before:eek: My son weighed in at 7.7lbs and you lost 8lbs!!!!:D

Love Mini xxx
Hi Karen,

It is the only diet that suits me where I am now and I believe in it and on top of that feel great when doing it.:D

Just getting into ketosis is tough:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
that made me choke on a mouthful of water! thats so funny!!

it really does put it in prespective when u think how much babies weigh!!

my eldest was 8lb 2oz and he was a right big lump so that 8lb loss is fantastic.

oh god...now, every week i will be comparing my scales to a newborns size. lol
Thanks for your replys! I think Im just going to stick with the tummy upset as my boss has paid for the meal and dont think he would take to kindly to me saying Im not eating. But then again, it amounts to the same thing! I just dont want anyone at work knowing Im actually on CD tho, they are all skinny minnies, blokes included and I stick out like a sore thumb!!
Ill just have to see how I feel on the night.

BTW Mini, can't wait to see you in your wedding suit!! Good Luck!:D
My 1st weigh-in :)

OK my first week is all finished and Ive lost 10lb! I love this diet! :D :D :D

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Ten smiley faces for 10lbs off!! Well done Karen, you must be so chuffed and rightly so!
Well proud of you!



What a good start and enough motivation for to see you through the next week!!!

Well done!!!

Love Mini xxx