weigh day almost nil by mouth anyone else?

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I know it's stupid but always hardly drink on weigh day(i weigh about 2pm) I have done this when on other diets too as was told " a pint of water weighs a lb and a quarter" does anybody else do this?
I know this is silly and should drink plenty as usual but it's an old habit of mine!
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please try again
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yep my weigh in is at 5pm so i stop drinking at 1pm to give me time to pee it out


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Yep I'm the same, mine is at 12 so I don't drink anything until after weigh in x


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mine is at 10am i do have some water but not as much and take a bar with me so i can eat it in the car afterwards on my way to work


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i also make sure im wearing my lightest clothes on weigh day, every little counts!


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I engage in all of the above tricks, lol!

As far as my consultant knows, all I own is a pair of balck trousers and a purple v-neck top, worn with a black hooded fleece.

I'm so sad! x
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Me too.
I also wear the same clothes to each WI, lol I bet my CDC thinks they're the only clothes I have!
I do the same :)


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i do the exact same thing lol (except the clothes had to change i'm 4 sizes smaller then when i started) i have found coffee pees out more then water on WI day too :):)


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HAHA omg i do the same i get weighed at 4:30 pm and i dont have a drink after 12 so i know i can pee out anything that might weigh me down... silly aint it :p xxx


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hahahaha, and there I was thinking I was one of the only ones doing this lol.

Thankfully I weigh in at 9.45 so can manage without anything until after weigh in. I also wear the same clothes each week


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Hsilly aint it :p xxx

Absolutely :D

Must admit, I did things like this with previous diets, but not with Cambridge because it occured to me that it didn't make any difference to what I weighed.

If it's so important to you that the odd 1/2lb to a pound shows on the scales, then you just have to make sure that you do the same thing every week and the benefit will only be on that very first weigh in...the one where you started doing it IYKWIM.

After that, there's no benefit at all as far as the scale readings go.

So, weigh in at a dehydrated state one week will give you a reading of what you weigh in a dehydrated state :D To find true weight loss the next week (not fat loss mind you), means that you then have to weigh in a dehydrated state the following week.

It's crazy really if you think about it.

I know this is a fun thread, but hey you know if you keep the routine you have going regardless of what day it is, then you still lose the same amount and it's less stressful for mind and body ;)


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HEEHEE, I get weighed with the lightest clothes on minus watch & bracelet xx


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Oh yeah, I do it too - I also make sure I have a good wee and poop if possible LMAO !!! :)


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I drink throughout the day as normal, then go for a wee just before I leave the house.


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ooo, the ideas you pick up on here! i never even gave any of that a thought when i had my first WI yesterday - drank water all day right up until i was weighed at 6pm and by the time i had been weighed I was almost ready to pee myself!! Lol!!